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“He Died As He Lived”

Last night, in summarizing the day’s developments in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, Tucker Carlson included the most perfect send-off of the first attacker killed that night, Joseph Rosenbaum. Watch Here

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  1. It’s a damn shame that the administrators of the mental institution aren’t held culpable and responsible for turning this dipshit lose on the public!!
    I think we need to know some names, see some interviews and watch them squirm in the light of sunshine!

  2. I read this earlier and once again Tucker demonstrates his grasp of the situation. A perfect synopsis of what went down. Like a sobbing, panic attacked Kyle said. The mother fucker had a choice. He chose poorly.

  3. I’m sure half of these people have purposely been released from mental hospitals, probably also paid.

    I honestly don’t understand how a rational person could not understand the shooting of this pedophile. If I point a gun at someone who is running at me and that person doesn’t stop in his tracks, I’m not going to wait until he grabs my gun, I’m shooting him right there because only a crazed person with no fear for his life is going to continue after me and he’s not going to want to shake my hand.

    Same thing somebody hits me with a skateboard while I clearly have a gun, my thought is going to be this is a crazed person with no fear for his life that will kill me.

    A guy starts stomping me in the head while I have a gun, for one I’m not going to be stomped to death and for two he’s a crazed individual with no fear for his life, but will take mine.

    The final one out of all the ignorant shit that prosecutor spewed should have been the final nail in the idiot’s coffin, a guy pointing a smaller gun or any size gun at my head is going to get shot before he kills me.

    IMHO, this proves all of those that night who were shot or shot at were crazy.

  4. “Forbes News says the judge was biased in favor of the defense.”

    A judge who is actually fair to the defendant and follows the law is considered biased or right wing. That tells you how far left our judicial system has became and how unconstitutional it is.

  5. I busted out laughing when Tucker said that. It was so true. My only disappointment was that when the guy wearing the white pants and dark jacket ran up to Rittenhouse and tried to stomp his brains out, that Kyle fired two shots at him, but missed. Come on, Kyle! That’s why we have thirty round magazines.

  6. Hambone

    “dark jacket ran up to Rittenhouse and tried to stomp his brains out, that Kyle fired two shots at him, but missed. Come on, Kyle! ”

    An amazing 17 year old. He had/has a rocket solid understanding of when he could use deadly force and when not. If he would have shot that coward they’d currently have a case against him. As soon as there’s no threat, ya can’t poke holes in them.

  7. This is the guy that was provoking Kyle to kill him by using the N WORD at the gas station.

    Pure provocation.


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