He got away with it… | Greg Kelly

After what we saw this week, Greg can’t believe the headlines he’s reading. “The swamp did not want to be drained, and they did everything they could to stop him.”

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  1. They hear what they want to hear since they hate him so much. And why do they hate him?!? They don’t know why. They just do because they were told he is bad. It’s all a set-up and they are being played.
    Easier to think Trump bad then anyone admitting they were played.

    It’s so so sad.

    God bless us all!

  2. We only watch News Max anymore. But I’m a firm believer that anybody that denounces violence in our struggle is not really on our side and doesn’t understand reality. Former Marine Greg Kelly did just that. Fuck off pussy.

  3. I walked away from the DemoKKKrat Marxist Party 24 yrs ago.. and 4 days ago I walked away from the Retardican Marxist Party! And Pence is Satan Incarnate!

  4. Do you really expect him to call for violence? The only thing that will accomplish is to eliminate another voice speaking on our behalf.
    The reality is they control the police and the military as it stands right now and its anyone’s guess how they’ll be further utilized.
    Violence is coming but it has to be effective and by that I mean we have to maintain the perception of being the victim.
    They control the tools of mass communication and the world is watching.

  5. Watch out 2020, here we come. And we aren’t sheep. We are wolves. America is hurting, we will Make America Great once Again.

  6. The more we’re isolated from effectively communicating the less we are capable of organizing. That translates into a poor position from which to go on the offensive.
    Now the corporations are OPENLY attacking Trump supporters. Being kicked off air flights as one recent example.
    We have to be as cunning as they are diabolical.

  7. I don’t think Loeffler and the other liars were swayed because of the “violence” they were going to follow the money from the start.


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