Trump responds to Twitter ban: ‘I predicted this would happen,’ may build ‘our own platform’ -“STAY TUNED!” – IOTW Report

Trump responds to Twitter ban: ‘I predicted this would happen,’ may build ‘our own platform’ -“STAY TUNED!”

‘We have been negotiating with various other sites, and will have a big announcement soon, while we also look at the possibilities of building out our own platform in the near future,” said President Trump.

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  1. We’re going to end up like the North Koreans huddled in a dark corner somewhere viewing non State approved bootleg media.

  2. We are currently living in the Twilight Zone episode “Eye of the Beholder.”
    A bunch of ugly, sniveling beings are in charge now and consider that the inarguable norm. They will never come to the realization that they are indeed hideous.
    The beautiful people must be altered or changed to conform.
    In the end the beautiful people will be exiled to their own domain to live their lives in comfort and peace.

    Now the questions that come to mind: “Where is this place and when is it?” “What kind of world where ugliness is the norm and beauty the deviation from that norm?” You want an answer? The answer is it doesn’t make any difference, because the old saying happens to be true. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, in this year or a hundred years hence. On this planet or wherever there is human life – perhaps out amongst the stars – beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Lesson to be learned in the Twilight Zone.

  3. “Arm yourselves. Be ready to do battle. They’re coming for us.”

    So here’s the deal. That statement is true. We are still dealing with two scenarios. Although the preferable one is getting real thin.
    The preferable one is Trump gets the Military involved ad fixes this shit. The ramification are you will have Armed Zombie Libtards marching down your neighborhood streets within the hour of that announcement. And don’t look for LE to be helping you out. You best be making friends with like minded people in your community, yesterday.

    The Bad Scenario. The retard and the whore take office. Within three months they will be trying to confiscate YOUR weapons. The fact that you are conservative and armed scares the shit out of them. Make friends with like minded people in your community. Same as above, you just have a little more time. And oh yea, don’t look for any help from LE. They’re worthless.

  4. President Trump, it took me until August 2016 to finally feel confident in you. Don, no other US President has connected with Americans the way you have.

    Nah, I don’t wanna party with you. No, I don’t wanna hang with you, you’re different than I am day to day, but I trust your insight to lead us day to day.

    Why? Because you love country. Because you know how hard we work to support rich fucks like you. No other rich fuck in this country will give us the time of day, but



  5. flip

    You make me think of something I posted here the other day. None of the attacks on this genius are based on policy. It’s just all orange man bad. Is that even logical? I say no. Proof positive they hate US.

  6. The Republican establishment knew this was coming. Unfortunately Paul Ryan (may he rot in hell) made it impossible to address any of this when it could have been addressed.

  7. We are all ready and waiting. Planning and armed (I hope). They have no idea how many of us are out there. I’m hoping their naivete is our victory.

    God Bless us all!

  8. “We are all ready and waiting. Planning and armed ”

    NO, we are not. You can’t fight this fight individually. We are not organized, and there’s absolutely no command and control. We’ll be Fing lucky if it breaks down to small unit combat. Our only advantage is our numbers. Which will be eliminated quickly. The hope is the survivors learn how to fight as a unit. I’m sorry, but that’s the Gods honest truth.

  9. It’s not possible to create an alternative media site. The Big Tech companies in bed with the commies won’t allow it. Anyone trying to NEEDS them in order to have access to the infrastructure that allows personal computers to connect to a web site. If ANY ISP goes along with Trump and allows people to access his new web site that ISP will find itself CUT OFF from the internet by the rest of the conspiring companies. And since the Judiciary are just as corrupt as the rest of the system NOTHING will be done about the collusion and conspiracies.

  10. I wouldn’t count on the military, they control them. The military leadership is teaming with scum just like Mattis, Obama saw to that.


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