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He said what now?

Sky News Washington Correspondent Annelise Nielsen says there is a “very real possibility” US President Joe Biden could decline quickly.

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  1. That’s like going downhill – from the bottom of the Marianas Trench.

    Remember when the media couldn’t stop talking about what terrible health Trump was in???

  2. Kamala Harris is willing and ready to step in and do just as bad a job, with zero experience that matches Joe to a T, and wandering in circles lost but happy. Hang on to your gold bars your going to need them and more.

  3. As if Australia has top-tier talent running their government. Their smart guys and gals think the solution to everything is oppression and covid camps.

    In a way, I’m glad we have inept and demented people at the top. The cabal spends so much time propping them up and hiding them that the attempted tyranny is bumbling and ham-handed.

  4. Kamala would be havin her “Okra” moment, heres a car for you, heres a car for you, you all are gettin cars. Kamala President, everyone here would certainly support that turn of events. I’ll have my cheese with crackers now.

  5. Waddaya mean “could decline”?

    Have you not been watching?

    Only thing doing worse is Australia, funny enough.

  6. How much more could joey decline than he already is? He’s gone full retard and should be on the short bus to nowhere but somehow mistakenly he and the democraps managed to steal last years (with help from the lamestream media and their sycophants) Presidential election to give us this fake presidunce.

  7. Both the Biden pedo and the slobbish Harris woman need to be kicked into some black hole in outer space, just as the malignant Clinton creature woman has been.

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