LOLOL Aussie Headline Says the Next Step in Improving Your Fight Against Covid is To Get Covid

Don’t freak out: vaxxed Aussies who catch Covid warned

If you are fully vaccinated against Covid the next step to improve your immunity may be to actually catch the virus.


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So listen up people. You must get the jab, and after that, you get boosters. But, after that, the plan is to get the disease we inoculated for.

Got it?

Oh, and all you people that have already gotten Covid, and don’t want to be jabbed, ummm, you need to get jabbed, because……… just roll up your goddamn sleeves!!!

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  1. “Herd Immunity – Stat!”

    “Herd Immunity, clean up on aisle 1,2,3,etc.”

    “Herd Immunity, please pick up the courtesy phone”

    “Herd Immunity. To infinity and beyond”

  2. My Mom’s doctor just did the hard sell on the Pfizer Covid jab at her annual physical. I had given her a link to an NIH table that had Ivermectin as the 2nd treatment so when he said he would not prescribe Ivermectin she tried to show it to him and he refused to even look at the document. He refused to acknowledge Pfizer’s approved vax was not available in the US. He said zinc, quercetin, vitamin d/c were just internet fodder and were useless. When she brought up VAERS he said that was all false information. Then she brought up 3 deaths we learned about from our local pharmacist within 24 hours of the vax and he said they died of other causes. Then he told her Biden, Trump, the Pope and Fauci all agree the shot is necessary to which she told him she didn’t care what any of them thought. She then refused to get a flu shot or the covid shot. She told him at 74 she felt she was healthy with a solid immune system and he told her immune systems don’t matter or prevent illness. She said she was happy to have a mask on so he didn’t see her expressions. She needs to find a new doctor but it is difficult to find one accepting Medicare.

  3. I have said many times that I want to have a chicken pox party to get the covid, just for the freedom of not having to worry about it anymore.

  4. Consider:
    1) Immunity from vaccube wanes fairly quickly.
    2) BUT (we are told) if you’re vaxxed and you catch Covid, you’re unlikely to get seriously sick
    3) And if you do catch Covid, you’ll have broad spectrum long-lasting immunity, much better than just the vaccine.
    Go catch Covid now!

  5. You know it’s getting very bad indeed when these people are making the Nazi’s look rational. Yes, of course, evil — but rational. The problem becomes: who do we compare them too, now?


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