Healthcare premiums up $4865 since Obama promised to cut them $2500 – IOTW Report

Healthcare premiums up $4865 since Obama promised to cut them $2500


Remember “if you like your healthcare plan you can keep it?” Yeah, that was a pretty good Obama lie. In fact it was PolitiFact’s 2013 “Lie of the Year” and also topped the Washington Post’s “Biggest Pinocchios of 2013” – “Pinocchio” being a nice of way of saying “pile of bovine excrement.”


Of course, we’re quite used to wading through great piles of organic fecal material with regards to this administration (red lines in Syria, degrade and destroy ISIS, al-Qaida is decimated), but it does seem the greatest falsehood perpetrated on the American populace was his signature achievement called Obamacare.

Now, before we get to the statistics, take a little stroll down memory lane with me and listen to Obama promise YOU, the American sucker taxpayer that with the passage of Obamacare, health premiums for a family of four will go down $2500 a year.

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  1. Heck, it is still a great promise. Save $2500.00 a year! How many other lying piles of shit politicians have gotten so much mileage out of a political scam? This pile of excrement rises to new heights!

  2. Would you believe mine is actually dropping a bit next year? But after getting absolutely reamed the last couple of years, both by double-digit increases each year and a deductible that more than doubled, which I maxed out last year thanks to a car accident.

  3. It’s causing companies to limit what insurance they have available and are instead offering high deductible plans along with flex med spending accounts. Not sure what insurance is covering (well, it’ll cover something horrible and scary) but we end up paying for mostly else. It’s how Mr. Illustr8r’s company have evolved their health plans.

  4. All those who didn’t see this coming since 2010, raise their hands.

    Ahhhh, I see all those Leftist Libtards with their hands raised.

    Welcome to the Wonderful World of The Immutable Law of Unintended Consequences.

    Now, put your hands down, ya buncha jackasses.

  5. 36%

    That’s how much higher my monthly premium will be in 2016 vs 2015, which itself was up 19% from 2014.


    And my deductible is up too!

    But hey, I have a job, so in Obama’s America, I’m the greedy one who needs to pay up.

  6. Hubby got laid off after 29.5 years with the company. We just finished comparing Cobra with the “MarketPlace”. Cadillac insurance that will cost us $1000/mo. with small copays compared to the gov’t plan was a no brainer.

    MarketPlace would cost us more than $20K in additional costs.

    Cobra info kept pushing us to go to the “MarketPlace”.


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