Heckled! Protesters call Pelosi ‘Criminal’ during her anti-Trump speech

American Lookout: Democratic House minority leader Nancy Pelosi was interrupted during an anti-Trump speech where protesters called her out for inexcusable behavior.

NTK Network reported:

“Every week we ask the same question: what do the Russians have on Donald Trump, personally, politically, and financially?” Pelosi told the crowd.

At this point, a protester began shouting at Pelosi, accusing her of “planning a war with Russia,” and calling the minority leader a “warmonger” and “criminal.”

“You’re all war criminals, waterboarder. You’re planning a war with Russia, you want world war,” the protester continued to shout at Pelosi.

At this point, people in the crowd started to quiet the protester.

“She never talks to us,” the protester yelled. “She hid for all those years.”

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13 Comments on Heckled! Protesters call Pelosi ‘Criminal’ during her anti-Trump speech

  1. Why wasn’t her speech forced to be cancelled due to threats of violence from right-wing groups???
    Oh, that’s right, we like it when they talk because what they say is so enlighteningly stupid.

  2. Heckled! Protesters call Pelosi ‘Criminal’ during her anti-Trump speech

    ….at which point she mounted her gold-plated broom and whisked away at high speed.

  3. How do tax breaks for the rich come at the expense of the poor? As stated by Nancy in her speech.

    The poor don’t “expense” anything. Poor don’t have an associated cost. The rich are less rich at the expense of the poor, the rich have an associated cost. The poor have what they have because of the rich. Get it right.

    Bat shit crazy.

  4. This happens every time they work up their crazy base. They eventually turn back on them. Anitfa really isn’t just targeting Trump, they are out their bashing everything and everyone that is in government/authority and not giving them everything they want. You can see it in the DNC ‘unity’ tour – they are not united and that party has a lot of problems and they’ve created all of it.

  5. Blind pigs and acorns. And stopped clocks, twice a day.

    A mob conditioned to be lo-fo hysterical malcontents will eventually lash out against everything. Including its creators/handlers.

    The modern Lefty mythology being forcefed to young white suburban kids is so obviously self-contradictory that it’s impossible to sustain forever.

    The Left destroys everything it touches. Including its own mythology, in the end.

  6. @Thirdtwin

    Even a choked chicken eventually comes home to roost. They have nothing new. So they say nothing new. Pretty soon they’re going to be standing in front of a mic with nothing to say. Great….isn’t it? : )

  7. Why didn’t LOUSY PELOUSY address the question of
    HILLARY when as Sec’y of State
    GAVE 137 TONS of concentrated processed URANIUM to Russia
    with undisclosed profit to her ” Foundation ”

    The only ” Foundation ” she has that is not a bribe collection scheme
    is her GIRDLE !


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