Leftists Sell Card Knives On Their Website

Apparently tired of getting their asses kicked, a website that caters to the antifa is now selling concealable knives that can be folded down and hidden in a wallet.

These little gems are just what the violent left needs to get past security and start stabbing those they wish to silence.


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  1. Lol. I keep thinking of the scene in Indiana Jones where the bad guy is swinging his sword around trying to be threatening, and Indie pulls out his gun and boom!

  2. These knives are all over eBay too. Not new. I’m guessing these could be “concealed weapons” in a lot of jurisdictions.

    This is still juvie-delinquent kids stuff, but we all see where this halfassed “arms race” is heading.

    Sessions ‘ DoJ can stop a lot of these with some pen-and-phone decrees, declaring a Federal policy on presumptive self-defense, stand your ground, mask wearing, and presumptive guilt for “career criminals ” with prior convictions.

  3. Marketing flaw, protards don’t have wallets or credit cards. They have fanny packs and EBT.

    Why conceal? Mine stays on my hip with the clip always showing. No one fucks with me. Except TSA those bastards. It’s also spring assist, illegal in many areas. I’m going to get an OTF blade soon.

  4. @wambam, there’s an interview where Spielberg says that was Harrison Ford’s idea. Instead of the scripted Epic Marathon Mother Of All Swordfights, Ford said ” hey, let’s try this”, and then:
    Han shot first.

  5. The Totalitarians KNOW what they’re fighting for – a world mired in slavery, oppression, and “socialism.”

    Their “opposition” (us and, allegedly, the RINOs) seem to think it’s all a game of “Gotcha!” or “Tag! You’re it!”

    They fight to achieve total world domination and we sit; stunned, dumbfounded, and amazed that the world has become so bizarre.

    Evil never rests. Neither does rust nor mold nor termites nor rat-people nor ragheads nor totalitarians nor socialists nor liars … but I wrote that already …

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. In Berkeley the police searched those who turned out to support and protect the speakers. They back down and let the antifa come in an try to assault the Free Speech supporters.

    The left is upping what they are bringing to these events while they can depend on the police in these leftist cities to disarm their intended victims.

    Folks planning to attend Ann Coulter’s speech later this month or a conservative talk at another campus had better be prepared for someone to try to slash and stick them with one of these concealable knives.

  7. Dimestore novelty for throat-punching posers who would never dare to brandish it. They’d buy X-ray glasses if you told them it exposed fascists.

  8. I think the right has the same access to the knife card. The left might regret using it.

  9. Bring a bigger knife or, better yet, some higher power weaponry. It’s ramping up into a real war. May as well accept the reality of that sooner rather than later.

  10. The thing is, if you want to see how far these Antifa dirt bags are willing to take this look at Europe. Same group, same mentality. You will NOT legally bring a gun onto the Bazerkly campus. Which is where you need to be if you plan on attending/protecting a conservative speaker. Maybe we need to convince speakers to hold their event in the town of Berkley but off the campus. I’m already getting recruitment E Mails about Colters event on the 27th. If she shows up it will get bloody.

  11. Antifa’s angry infants crack me up.
    White suburban single-mommie’d kids who’ve never been allowed a schoolyard fistfight in their sheltered, female-dominated little lives.

    Dressing up with home-made shields, and pointy sticks, (Society For Creative Anachronism ™ )and snowboard skull face masks from Amazon.
    Comical, and pitiful that their little minds have been so warped by public school Marxism.

    Some of them at least show some misdirected sparks of life. Redirect that into constructive channels and some may be salvageable. Start by showing them who their true enemy is, and who the true Fascists really are.

    Sharks and Jets set for a rumble tonight, 2017. All fun until someone pulls an eBay $1 card knife.


  12. Boxcutters, Rexford RUTs, single edge razors, all easily concealed. Along with ASP type batons, and canes, will provide excellent protection from Antifa scumbags. I actually think that there need to be some of these little shits lifeless bodies turning up at these events to let them know that they’re fucking with the wrong bull.

  13. I also did not get why insist on Berkeley U campus, why not switch to a friendlier venue.

    But it’s a public land grant school, taxpayer funded. It should not be conceded to the Left as “lost ground”, just as California cannot be just abandoned to the Left as their spoils of war.
    Enforce strict standards for public employees in academia. Fire them without recourse for Anti-American activities.

  14. “I also did not get why insist on Berkeley U campus, why not switch to a friendlier venue.”

    That’s the point. Berkley is ground zero.

  15. Ha! I actually have one of these – the wife bought me one for Christmas a couple years ago. Mine doesn’t have the neo-fascist logo on it, but other than that it’s the exact same knife.

    I had it in my wallet and forgot it was there. Flew to Chicago and back for a conference, and didn’t remember I had it on me until a few days later.

    I carried that knife through 2 TSA checkpoints – SeaTac and O’Hare – with no trouble at all. Completely by accident.

  16. There are plenty of ceramic and nylon knives you can
    find, all over the place.

    I’d go with a compact hand stun gun.


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