We need this kind of diversity here, says the dangerous, and hopefully eradicated, left

Multiculturalism. Leftists who know better than we say that it’s best for society.

We need Afghanis here that have sex with sheep.

Drone captures 2 of Afghanistan’s finest having sex with sheep.

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  1. This sort of stuff is a nightly event in Afghanistan, in every fucking village. You can find other publicly available dronecam videos documenting it, if you really want to.

    You didn’t think I call the goat fuckers for no reason, did you?

    They do far worse stuff to children. It’s not just isolated events, this is an accepted (by them) cultural practice. They are pure evil, and a plague on humanity

    They have no place in the West. No sane person wants muslims here.

  2. Frankly, I didn’t need to see that, but I’m not smart enough to resist.

    No nation needs diversity as defined the left. The left envisions diversity as a bunch of enclaves of like minded individuals who continue to practice their own customs and habits, and essentially create their own autonomous societies within a larger society. The left is so hell bent on this that they have also invented diversity’s companion – cultural appropriation – where these autonomous societies or society as a whole cannot practice or incorporate customs and practices of other automonous groups. These are stupid and dangerous ideals which will inevitably lead, and have led to strife amongs the various groups. If you want historical perspective, then examine areas of the middle east and the former Soviet Union for specific failures of such diversity.

    A nation will only work if its citizens abide by the general framework which defines that society. Yes, a nation can incorporate some of the cultural aspects of groups from different cultures – for example music, literature, foods, the arts, etc. – but these cultural additions should enhance the overall society without changing the overall framework and ideals of that society. Mexicans who immigrate to the United States must assimilate into American culture and ideals, but they are free to bring their burrito recipes.

    Leftists have many stupid ideas, but their insistance on their version of diversity is not only stupid, but dangerous. They want to splinter American society into different groups, and this may actually, or perhaps inevitably lead to the use of government force in order to keep the overall nation intact. Perhaps that is what the left wants, but they will be unleashing forces which they cannot control.

  3. My son said he watched this behavior with a donkey through a night scope. Finally couldn’t take it anymore and had a private with him put the donkey out of it’s misery.

  4. Did you notice the children cowering in the corner of that field having to witness this?

  5. I tuck the sheep’s hind legs in my boots. Point the little lamb towards water and just stand there. My woolly love pet does all the work.


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