He’ll Get Nothing But a Slap On His Limp Wrist

Some homosexual had “die fag” carved into his arm after a group of “homophobes” attacked him, leaving him with head and facial bruising, as well. Then a few days later his family’s pizzeria was spray painted with “die fag,” and a molotov cocktail was thrown into the parlor.

Turns out, surprise surprise, it was the homo sending out false flag attacks.

Rick Jones, 21, seen in a picture posted to Facebook, could face charges of faking anti-gay hate crimes against himself.

Rick Jones, 21, seen in a picture posted to Facebook

That’s not the worst part. Listen to what his lawyer says-

“I think it’s such good evidence of the difficulties members of the gay community deal with, and some make better choices than others,” Mr. Tolman said.

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So, when the fag bashes himself and tries to blame the world, this is good evidence of how oppressed they are???

That’s a neat trick.

Anything else we can do for these deranged people?



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  1. He thew a molotov cocktail into his family’s business? The family should handle this, I know I would.

  2. I don’t know if being a homosexual means you’re batshit crazy or not, but sending death threats to yourself sure does.

  3. Fact is, sodomites are simply self-loathing individuals. Despite how fabulous they try to make homosexuality sound, they really hate what they are and what they do.

  4. I’ll be “imprudent the living crap out of this POS and make an example of it. NOT sorry for my imprudence. g

  5. I forgot: you are a FAGGOT, and whatever sick things you do to promote your foul lifestyle, are lost on the majority. They (we) know viscerally that you are a pustule on the landscape of humanity.

    Sorry, I need scotch now/

  6. “Turns out, surprise surprise, it was the homo sending out false * fag * attacks.”

    There. Fixed it.

  7. Cut the turd some slack after all he is the lowest of the low! He is a sodomite and, according to other sodomites, he is one for life! How would you like to be a sodomite for life?

  8. Hope not. That looks like the last dog I owned and loved. A gorgeous ( but sort of stupid) Pyrenees. Makes my flesh squirm and flake off. Makes vomit spray from my nostrils. Pretty sure that’s a normal reaction to simply the THOUGHT of anal sex and/or sex with creatures.

  9. “Anything else we can do for these deranged people?

    Yes, to be very non-PC, may I suggest giving “him” a short rope and pointing out the direction to a long drop. Let “him” do it to himself. “He” is not worth staining my eternal soul over murder.

  10. Oh cupcake! Don’t you realize the whole world is your puckered starfish?

    You’ve got protected, special class status from the feds because you suck dick.

    You have a huge advantage from the starting blocks on suing even prospective employers that even hesitate to smooch your booty. You don’t even have to work for them before you can sue them. Just file an application, then the lawsuit.

    You’ll win!


    Because your gay lobby has pronounced and HAD IT CODIFIED INTO US LAW, that you are a lesser human being. You are unable to compete on a level playing field.

    Because, like it or not, that is what the law says.

    I’d cut my own throat before I got that designation. I’m sure your opinion is different.

  11. If there has ever been one of these well publicized “gay bashing” incidents that was legitimate it is a well kept secret.

  12. DAMN! It is illegal for them to be treated differently, therefore they join the ‘norm’. Oh shit, now what do they do to gain attention? Self-destruct without a cause.

  13. Every homosexual I have met in my life have had some kind of mental issue. They either didn’t have a proper role model as a father or worse yet, they didn’t know their father.
    They are lost souls and they desperately need God in their lives .

  14. You nailed it Toe!

    I have always said that abortion would be illegal if they actually could identify a “gay” gene and women started aborting so their child would avoid the pain of being born “gay”.

  15. Somebody introduce him to Michael Sams – I hear he’s (?) looking for a new butt-buddy … maybe once they find “true love” they can quit pretending to be oppressed?

    I really don’t care what they shove up their asses or slobber over, I just don’t want to hear about it.

  16. I wouldn’t eat at that pizza place knowing how derranged the owners and staff are.

  17. All homos have a personality defect. I worked for an airline that had a fag pilot intentionally fly through a thunderstorm that was painted solid red on the trusty Honeywell radar. I met the crew at the gate when it came in. The pax and f.o. were scared to death. There is not one thing normal about having another man hang his dick on your lip.

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