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Help me out here

I have to get a new car in the next couple of months.

I have 3 that I’m thinking of:




There are certain variables that might influence my decision, like, who the hell needs air bags? Or hub caps? Or bright lights? Or new car smell? Old car smell is good too.

2 is a good looking car, and 1 is stylish. I’m leaning towards 3 because the payments will be a little less, and the ads say it’ll attract the ladies.

I’m confused.

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  1. Get this one:

  2. I’m down a 2016 Subaru Legacy in a few days, it’s not a repo it’s a fleet return, the new gig provides an $800/month car allowance. The wife says, what are we getting? I said, what’s wrong with the 2012 Civic we have that nobody drives anymore, let’s pocket that cash!

  3. I drive a Volvo S80. Because it is safe. It is not, however, fun to drive. 0 to 60 in about, oh, 30 seconds. It is pretty, it is very comfy, it is sorta lux, it is very well equipped, it SHOULD have some power – but it does not. That is my only complaint. It is a eminently RESPECTABLE car, so therefore when I leave it with a valet – I seem respectable by proxy. That’s all I got.

  4. I’m more of a pickup truck kind of guy. If you get one with gun racks in the rear window but you don’t have a gun to put in it you can always put your golf clubs in it.

  5. Come pick up my 2004 Honda Accord. 212,000 miles, front end smashed in a little bit from the wife oversteering a snowy curve last year and becoming familiar with a ditch. Steering wheel shakes at low speeds, but over 45 and it smooths out. It can’t handle for shit in rain or snow, in fact it’s outright dangerous to drive in any weather outside of 72 and sunny. A/C works like a champ, what more do you need? We replaced it a couple months ago with a new 2017 AWD, but haven’t sold it yet.. so come freaking GET IT.

  6. Le WOW! I have not seen one of those since the 80’s!
    If you’re collecting the funds, I’m sending you $7.41. That’s what’s left in my paypal. lol
    And if I’m in Florida again, we have to meet up so that I can drive it. 😀

  7. Bad_Brad- For some reason, I expected that to be a picture of clogs.

    Anyway, that’s a nice Woody!

    [ “Shut up!!!” in advance. lol]

  8. Fur, since you’re in Florida, get a disposable car. Whatever you get will turn into a rusted heap in short order because of the salt spray.

  9. Don’t buy the latest Jag. I saw one the other day — powder blue, sparkling new, preeeeety! When I got closer, I saw where (you know it) some jealous liberal (no doubt) had slammed their car door repeatedly against the driver’s door of the Jag.

  10. I’ve never driven anything but a Ford. I feel a certain sense of loyalty to them because my father worked his ass off there the entire time I was growing up. They helped feel, clothe and house us, and gave him a great opportunity when he really needed it.

  11. I’m thinking there are a lot of needless doohickeys on cars these days driving (get it?) the prices up.
    I get the rear view camera and the XM radio idea, but as for the rest- should you be driving a lazyboy chair? lol

  12. Ford Fusion hybrid. I get 48 plus MPG and fuck them out of all gas taxes they add per gallon. I bought mine to commute and the gas savings alone compared to my pick up paid for the car. It’s a 2013 with 100000 miles on it. I would buy another tomorrow.

  13. A Jeep Wrangler made before Fiat bought them.
    You live in Florida so they are great to remove roof/door and outfit them with cool stuff to enjoy the nice weather. Bonus-Jeep wave.

  14. MJA
    Mini Coopers are not my style. I’m a truck guy, but dang they are fun to drive. At their price point I’d have to say worth every penny.

  15. How about a 1967 Cadillac, El Dorado convertible with hot pink with whaleskin hub caps and all leather cow interior and big brown baby seal eyes for headlights that cruises at 120 mph at 1 mpg, spewing blue smoke the entire time.

  16. In all seriousness, my wife just got a new Toyota Camry, and damn if that isn’t one awesome vehicle. Lots of cool gadgetry, including blind spot alerts and anti-collision system.

  17. DO NOT get any type of hybrid. Your friends and family will name it CAITLYN (snicker) . And there’s the fact that they are overpriced pieces of shit that dont hold their value.

    I like the Beemer. Plus, fishing buddies of mine who work as car techs at a dealership that sells Mercedes, Audis and BMW tell me hands-down the BMW is the best value of the three and Audi is a close second. “Mercedes is for snob people who don’t know cars and don’t do their research.”

  18. Uncle Al, Nash Metropolitans are strictly for metrosexuals, who else could love an ugly car like that. They were considered to be orphan cars at the time they were built back in the 50’s since they were built by Austin and sold in America with the Nash nameplate. There however do seem to be a lot of them still running around for some reason or another because I still see them quite often. Me, I’d buy a Honda or a Subaru or a Toyota or a Ford F- 150. Hey, I drive a 1991 Honda Civic AWD wagon, it’s a great car still even with 220,000+ miles on it and is in very good condition and is a great little snow car which we have lots of right now. But a newer vehicle would be nice eventually when I can afford it.

  19. Watch out for gizmos. Took my Tundra into Toyota for routine service this week. Overheard: One customer was complaining about his new Sequoia. When he uses the built in beverage cooler the air conditioning comes on automatically.

    After multiple visits he was told that this is the way the vehicle was designed.

  20. They aren’t stylish or fast and for some reason are know as a lesbians car, a Subaru runs forever.
    The Outback with a six is pretty snappy and It does muddy dirt road well. Wife’s car.
    I have a Toy Tundra with the 5.7. Lousy gas milage but damn, that thing flies.

  21. Beware the BMW. I’ve got a BMW M3, and Audi TT, and a Porsche 930. The BMW and Audi are sensor nigntmares, always something going out. They’re not new cars though, but once your warranty runs out…the Porsche on the other hand is a workhorse. A blast to drive and looks great.

  22. I own 2 MBs and a ’70s VW. I’d stick with the German stuff. MBs have NO resale value, but last half a million miles or more — so buy used.

    And, as always, do your own maintenance.

  23. Stay away from MINI. The transmissions are famous for going out just after the warranty expires. There is a class action suit over those cvt transmissions. Whatever car you get, make sure the engine uses a timing chain instead of a belt. Honda’s 2.4L VTEC engine is pretty reliable. I’ve heard of people getting 400k out of those engine with just regular maintenance.

  24. “Got the $7.10.

    Now I can get a pine air freshener.”

    You can hang it on your nose. 😛

  25. Don’t get the “Lay” car. They were known to drop transmissions within a few miles of the dealership when they were new.

  26. I picked up a new 2016 VW Passat for 17K a few month back. Lot clearance combined with emission scandal made for a sweet deal. 1.8T has good pickup and get 35+ mpg with a lead foot.

  27. I would get the Mercedes S-Class so as you drive by folks would say “Look at that S-car-go!”
    (Sorry about that old Pete Barbutti joke)
    My favorite ride would be one of 1957-1958 Chrysler Corp’s big-finned “forward look” tanks.
    They were great looking cars although I understand that they were trouble prone and unreliable because they were rushed into production a year too early.

  28. I’ll never own another European car, maintenance and repair costs will eat you up. I used to be a Mopar fan but Fiat has turned almost all their cars into bottom dwellers in every reliability study (right there with Mini). Can’t go wrong with a Hyundai or Kia (especially a Soul). Jap cars cost a little more but are generally reliable. One caveat with American and Jap cars, though…almost all the lower priced ones are built in Mexico now. If the VIN starts with a 3, it was made there. (1 is USA, 2 is Canada)

  29. Those S class cars are really nice and the sticker is reasonable. I drive an E63 AMG (Mercedes) that is slightly smaller, but is 535 HP and does 0 to 60 in 4 seconds. (it beats a Porche 911 from 0 to 60) It is such a beast. I just love it but it burns premium and only gets 20 mpg on the highway.

    The E63 I drive had a sticker of $98,000 but the beauty of these Mercedes are that rich liberals are the only ones stupid enough to pay sticker for them and 5 years later you can pic them up for a fraction of the sticker. Mine was almost 6 years old and only had 47,000 miles on it. Couldn’t tell it from a show room model and I paid $36,000 for it.

    NO kidding, there are dealers that specialize in these high end cars and you can find them on Ebay and they are such a deal.

    I could have gotten an E class for $25,000 without all the high end big engine sport options.

    Find the car you want on Ebay, drive down to the used car dealer’s shop and get it.

    No kidding, that works like a charm on any model

  30. Honestly, I would just say go with your gut/instincts on this.
    [Plus, most of my opinion would be terrible considering that the original three top gear hosts made me horribly biased for the Mercedes, in any form.]

  31. You know I’m in Florida, too, and I’ve owned a Ford Focus for the past nine years without a speck of trouble. Done all scheduled maintenance (at the dealer) but no other. I’m a big guy but it fits me well with plenty of extra room. I fill the 11-gal. tank once a month.
    I paid 13K new but hey’re up to 16-17K now, I think.


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