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Her boobs are so big she is afraid she may suffocate her baby

Yes, there is a picture.


Catlin, 32, is worried that her breasts will continue to grow, and is concerned about the possibility that she may suffocate her baby.

She is now desperate for breast reduction surgery, as her 34JJ boobs cause her severe back pain.

“My boobs haven’t stopped growing since I was a 10 year old child and obviously my boobs grew even bigger during my pregnancy,” Catlin said. “I really wanted to breastfeed my daughter because I thought it would be an amazing way to bond, but my boobs were just too big.”

“My breasts are so big that they entirely covered Willow’s whole face and she would have just suffocated underneath them. It was really upsetting because it was something I’d really wanted to try but I just couldn’t,” she added.”

The size of Catlin’s breasts effect the way that she interacts with her daughter, Willow.

Her 34JJ breasts not only have an effect on her relationship with her daughter, they impact her ability to exercise and be intimate with her husband.

If she wants to exercise, Catlin has to wear two sports bras. When it comes to regular bras, she usually can’t find any in her size.

“I have to be very careful when I am cooking over the stove so that I don’t burn them, which I have done a few times previously. They just get in the way of everything,” she said.

NHS doctors have turned Catlin away multiple times when she was seeking breast reduction surgery, instead telling her she just needs to lose weight. After being turned down for the surgery by the NHS, she decided to try to raise the money for it herself.

To donate to Elizabeth’s breast reduction fundraiser visit her GoFundMe page.

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  1. Otto Titslinger, the inventor of the bra, did not anticipate anything as big as that.

    Her boobs could be used as weapons. Imagined getting smacked in the face with one of them. Out like a light. She could grab her right one, do a 360 degree swivel to the left, come around on the right, and give you a right cross to the face. Then do the opposite with her left boob, and give you a left cross to the face. You’d be down for the 10-count.

    I think they make bras for female cows. She could check into that.

  2. Sooooo…. if you pixelate the nipple, it’s okay to look at the monstrosity? I seriously question that.

    There’s a term describing never ending breast growth. But I don’t want to look it up.

  3. That’s one puffy woman. She’s retaining enough water to fill a couple Cali reservoirs. Maybe she should think about proper diet and some exercise. Those titties will shrink to a nice manageable size.

  4. @ecpand Brad it is true for the majority of women that losing weight also causes the breasts to reduce. Too bad she didn’t research, verify and lay off the carbs. Zero cost solution.

  5. hmm, I can pick out the guy’s comments.
    anyway, what is happening to her is a real medical issue. Most insurance companies pay for breast reduction and it’s a return to good posture among other things.
    The women in our family are endowed, so to speak, and all but one has had the surgery. it changed their everyday life, believe it or not.
    Finally, clothes that fit, no more morbid stares from creeps, no more backache, and a look that’s normal.
    Don’t make fun, don’t accuse, it’s a real problem.

  6. We ain’t makin’ fun of titties. Dudes love titties. We’re making fun of her obvious obesity which contributes far more to her health concerns than some big floppy titties.

    Push a stroller, eat a banana.It’s possible that some of her tit fat might go away along with the rest of her flab.

    But yeah.Some sad lookin’ titties. I’d tip her at the strip club to put clothes back on.

  7. “what is happening to her is a real medical issue”

    Bull Shit, what’s going on here is a self control issue. Just wait until next week when she shows you her ass.

  8. Oh geez, who in their right mind would measure their own breast like this??? Yeah neither do I know who would. Too ridiculous to consider.

    God Bless us all)!


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