Here we are again, getting to play armchair jury

A Texas police officer shot and killed an “unarmed driver” (that’s the way they are reporting this, you’ll see why this is poppycock when you watch the video) who was stopped along a highway.

What’s your take?

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  1. Anyone… I mean ANYONE… running from the police needs to understand that this is a possible outcome. There is no reason to make this choice because you could loose your LIFE! It’s like Tommy Sotomayor says “You play stupid games, you get stupid prizes.”

  2. Dude was NOT unarmed. That was a two ton weapon he was wielding and the officer saved his own life.

    Pisses me off that having a gun is the only definition the morons think applies to being armed.

    There’s more that pisses me off about this subject but I haven’t had breakfast yet and it’s easy for me too go too far right now. Going to go chew some 16p nails now. 😠

  3. Hmmm-first of all showing that fucking picture of Martin when he was 12 and not the thug that Zimmerman killed tells me right off that this site has a bias. I assume the driver was black because of the pictures after the video. And “Panther” TV, yeah.

    That being said, I have no idea why the cop pulled on the guy other then to speculate he saw something. He did almost go to his weapon a few times so he was definitely suspicious. I heard him ask several times if there was anything in the car that he should know about-LIKE yaknow A GUN. I did hear him ask about reefer. Maybe he smelled it. In all my years of getting stopped, I have never had a cop ask me if there was reefer in my car because guess why?

    My question is if he shot the guy after the guy floored it, HTF did he stop that car?

  4. Just smack the median and the cop is cut in half. We’ve had a few incidents where the cop is being dragged by a someone trying to escape. Luckily all our guys survived.

    Pardon me while I release my inner Gump, but V&T stops are like opening a box of chocolates, you never know when the one you get is going to have a nut in it…

  5. Black panthers, eh?

    Without reading other comments yet, …

    Probable cause. check
    Didn’t comply. check
    Cop could have been hurt. check

    Don’t see the problem. Sure he could have just stepped off the vehicle and let the guy go. But he would never be able to live it down back at the station.

    I think he did a very good job of getting the vehicle stopped so quickly. Nobody else got hurt. That could have turned out different had a school bus full of kids been passing by at that same time is the vehicle moved out into traffic.

    [I hate that freeway noise]

  6. @MM – I don’t know what was going through that officer’s mind, why he did not exit the vehicle (it was all over in a matter of seconds); maybe because he might have been injured by slamming onto the concrete median (officer was not wearing protective headgear) or because he is not required to back off from effecting an arrest (attempt felony assault on a PO, reckless endangerment, etc.).

  7. armchair jury – Innocent….
    The problem is democrats telling the colored plantation inmates for the last 50 years that they are victims.

  8. A big problem seems to be that driving a rental car brings all past violations down on the current driver. The guy might have been innocent, but he lost that state when he tried to drive off.

    I’ve never rented a car in my entire life.

  9. Even if the car rental company hadn’t paid the violations and believe me, they take your cc# for good reason, it’ll get charged immediately when they get notice of the violation and it’s up to you to prove why when the car was in your possession, the ticket isn’t yours-all you have to do is show the officer the retail agreement which will show that you didn’t have the car on the violation dates.

    The officer saw something, the guy knew he was busted and tried to drive away. The question remains, how did he get the car to stop.

    And if it’s a toll here in Texas and you don’t have one off those stickers on your windshield and I know because I just got a bill for one, the owner of the tag is notified. So it’s strange that a rental would have unpaid toll charges. A rental company will get the notice, pay the toll and charge your cc#. The conclusion is it wasn’t a rental. The officer asked for the agreement, the guy pretended to look for it and either he went for a weapon or the officer thought he was going for one-then the guy floored it.

    Driver is Guilty. You can get along just so far on a low IQ, eventually your stupid catches up with you.

  10. The Lynch of the DOJ and Comey of the FBI investigated.
    All evidence indicates that Mr. Black Panther did not intend to ignore the Officer’s commands of getting out of the vehicle as indicated by him driving off.

    He was just careless when his hand put the vehicle in drive and his foot pushed down on the accelerator.

    The police department will be sanctioned and required to attend Black Lives Matter indoctrination.

  11. Without any other evidence I’d tend to say innocent

    the words “unarmed driver” are similar to saying “migrants” in that earlier story of that horse trailer getting attacked, leading language
    Also as MM pointed out, the 12 year old picture of Trayvon and the cap & gown picture of Mike Brown etc

    Watch the seconds count off in the clock, from the drivers’ bad decision to fatal shots is 10 seconds or less.

    Maybe the cop could have let the guy drive off?
    Maybe the guy was acting odd and we couldn’t see all of it from the dashcam?

    Either way some people will try to hype this as white cops mercilessly killing negroes for no apparent reason, which I do not buy into

  12. Cop will be found not guilty of anything. The turd deserved what he got. One less breeder, one less EBT card carrier, one less Obamaphone, one less prisoner. Win-win for taxpayers!

  13. As someone who is still recovering from being run over 11 months ago – I see a very good reason to not jump off.

    That rear wheel could be his death if not his crippling.

    I was blessed I was only crippled some. He may not be alive if he jumped.

  14. A body cam would have been nice to have in this situ.
    It is dangerous as shit stopping someone on a busy freeway.
    Plus you notice the idiots blowing by the car even though it is half way out in the road?
    Those dumbasses need to be tickets.
    Move over you ignant fucks.
    In Florida it’s the law.

    BTW, certain tickets are not paid by the rental car co.
    They forward your details and charge you a fee for doing so.

  15. I still tell people to try law enforcement for themselves. I did. I guarantee you will learn more in a year than in a lifetime of watching videos. You can sign on as a reserve at many departments; you don’t have to make a career of it.

    I really wish more people would get involved.

  16. I promise that officer is having an extremely rough time right now. No officer I ever knew would shoot if he thought he had a reasonable choice, if only for the legal headaches and paperwork jungle. Like I said,try it yourself.

  17. Don’t know what the cop was thinking, but his first orders to the driver should have been to turn off the vehicle and remove the keys from the ignition, then continue from there. It’s hard to drive away when the car isn’t running. But, it was still a good shoot.

  18. Interesting. So attempting to flee from a traffic stop is punishable by summary execution: no charges, indictment, trial, nada. Yes, the decedent should not have attempted to leave. But it seems to me that the officer should have stepped off the vehicle, let him go, then let the system track him down. Plenty of data on who the driver was. But the officer chose to jump on, then execute the driver.

  19. Sl. You have missed, or conveniently avoided, the point of the officer’s life being in danger and stepping off being a life-threatening move also.

    How about not doing stuff that threatens everyone involved in the first place? That is the starting point of what went wrong. The blame is there for every result after.

    Just like anyone pulling an armed robbery is responsible for the deaths of his co-horts in crime if they are shot by the police.

    He’d be alive if not for his stupid, dangerous, criminal actions.

  20. If you’ll notice, something happened that the officer saw as a threat to life and limb BEFORE he took off. The gun came out before he took off. Taking off was not the start of the problem – it was just the violent, life threatening resistance.

    Don’t be so simple-minded. You’ll live longer.

  21. SL, does that stand for Stupid Liberal? You get pulled over, you obey the cop’s directions, you don’t get shot. You get pulled over, disobey the cop, make him feel like he is in danger, you get shot. How hard is that to understand?

  22. The officers life was in danger. Attempted assault with a deadly weapon,(the car), the officer had to stop the guy from injuring or killing him. Sorry but this one is justified as hell.

  23. I think I got it, if the suspected perp. Pulls a knife the officer can pull a knife if equal or lesser length, if perp points a 22 officer must leave his 40 holstered and can pull his 22 cal backup piece from his ankle as a response. If the victim of the long legged type and takes off running the officer cannot leave his weaponry unprotected so must lock all over preporational gear in the secured area of the vehicle and may then trot after suspected perp. Throwing a rock or brick at the officer is curatorial and therefore not a crime. That is all.

  24. Remember people, you weren’t there. I always go with the person who follows the law. In this case the driver chose to run. He ran, he’s dead and I ‘m glad the deputy is safe.

  25. Running from the cops is a stupid action, you rarely are successful in actual getting away. But running is a NORMAL REACTION for humans who are afraid. It’s not always a rational decision. And the mere act of running is NOT A CAPITAL CRIME WORTHY OF DEATH.

    This officer PUT HIMSELF into that position. If he had not attempted to get in to the car he would not have been
    ‘in danger and in fear for his life’ and therefore would have ZERO REASON to ‘go to guns’. But too many cops are sociopaths LOOKING for the opportunity to kill. You see it in the news all the time about a cop who JUMPS IN FRONT of a moving vehicle and uses that willful act as a
    justification for murdering the driver of the vehicle.

    POOR CHOICES by cops should not be justification for them
    to use deadly force and what this cop did was a VERY POOR CHOICE. Therefore the shooting was NOT LEGALLY JUSTIFIED and the cop is A CRIMINAL. Cops are PUBLIC SERVANTS…..not hired guns with a license to kill for any and all reasons.

  26. JMV: SL, does that stand for Stupid Liberal? You get pulled over, you obey the cop’s directions, you don’t get shot. You get pulled over, disobey the cop, make him feel like he is in danger, you get shot. How hard is that to understand?

    JL: No, but what a clever guess on your part! My aren’t you the smart little boy! But you’re wrong. Keep up trying to do that thinking stuff, sooner or later you’ll get the hang of it.

    As to the rest — so, failure to immediately comply with a police order is a capital offense, punishable by summary execution, on-the-spot with no judge or jury? No matter what the cop does, no matter how far outside the law he’s acting? Or is that only if the perp also seems scary? That viewpoint explains an innocent 82-year-old man being slaughtered in his bed at 3 AM by zealous cops raiding the wrong house. And many other similar cases. JMV, I think your comment to Dan (above) should more properly be directed to yourself. I know it will take you a while to figure out what I mean by that, but keep trying and you’ll get it eventually.

  27. You should get some Preparation H for your sore ads, you liberal crybaby.

    If the cop felt in danger, he had a right to self defense, it’s that simple. Sorry you’re to ignorant to understand such a simple concept.

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