“He’s Got the Goods on Somebody”

DanBongino.com: Former Department of Justice official, Ian Prior told Fox and Friends this morning that U.S. Attorney John Durham’s disagreement with Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s findings in the FISA report is an indication that his investigation may result in indictments.

“John Durham–this is a serious prosecutor. This is not somebody who is partisan or political,” said Prior. “He’s nicknamed ‘the bull’ he’s gone after the mafia, he’s gone after the klan…this is a very serious prosecutor and for him to come out with that statement, that means he’s got the goods on somebody.”

Prior noted that Durham’s investigation will be more thorough than Horowitz’s due to the limits place on the Inspector General. read more

24 Comments on “He’s Got the Goods on Somebody”

  1. Tee hee hee hee. Click Bait for the Trumpkins. Say the words Dem indictments and the Trump-turds all start salivating like Pavlov’s Dog! Tee hee hee

  2. He’s nervous. That’s why he came around to try and troll.
    That, plus I guess he’s getting paid from the Democrat tard fund on Friday. He hopes. lol

  3. “Tee hee hee hee. Click Bait for the Trumpkins. Say the words Dem indictments and the Trump-turds all start salivating like Pavlov’s Dog! Tee hee hee”

    You’re doing it wrong. Straight retard juvenility, as you’re trying for, is a tough sell.

    The secret to really good satirical trolling is to carefully balance the Left’s nastiness, hypocrisy, un-self-awareness, and stupidity into a believable presentation. Ask Cassandra Shapiro-Dawes, she’ll tell you. She’s smarter than you.

  4. Tee here. Just mention that somebody heard something from somebody who was told by somebody else that somebody mentioned something that somebody else told him about Trump acting within the powers of his office and leftists start pissing their pants.

  5. I’m going to ignore the progtard now because he’s probably reading his own comments and pulling his little dickie in the public library (no wifi in mom’s basement).

    Anyway, I’m reading that Durham is pretty hard core. The reason why he and Barr went to Italy and England was to introduce Barr to the people who are going to help him investigate the DNC chumps, along with the FBI.

  6. Hey, I’m the only self-proclaimed progressive hanging around this site. Stringing together made-up words like “Trumpkins” into incoherent sentences is my job, and I’ve trained hard to do just that – I’ve even got the frontal lobotomy scars to prove it. Contributing absolutely nothing worthwhile to a debate is my forte, and my hypocrisy and ability to be a pathological liar not only establishes my bona fides here as the token progressive, but apparently also qualifies me for the next Democrat debate. Piss off to somewhere else, Progressive Libertine.

  7. @The Progressive Libertine – Here’s an idea; hunker down, grow up (mentally), pay taxes, move out of your parents basement, pay taxes, get a JOB, pay taxes, find a mate of the OPPOSITE sex, pay taxes, marry, pay taxes, raise kids, pay taxes, And end up loving your life, and your family and pay taxes,. And then when you die you can pay taxes. And your descendants can pay taxes on what you leave them. What FUN!

    And somehow it’s all worth it….

  8. Hey PL ska Pussy Loser, let me sum it up for you since 2+2 is not in your wheelhouse.

    Trump has everything from the 30,000 emails of the Lizard Queen to the 64,000 Insurance File emails of your hero Carlos Danger.

    The indictments are in the thousands and will be deployed once enough judges have been appointed to disallow a liberal judiciary from protecting the indicted.

    The Horowitz report was always going to be a whitewash, there where just 9 indictments of DNC money launderers whose ringleader is a pedophile that worked for your side with the figurehead Mueller. You think he’s not singing his ass off?

    AG Barr has already turned the lead FBI lawyer and Durham has gotten the whole rats nest of UK, Italian, and Aussie foreign influencers to out the Magic Negros cabal.

    Rudy is wrapping up the Ukraine kickback money machine and toss in some Jeffery Epstein and the whole stew of corruption and child exploitation is about to boil over.

    Your entire putrid worldwide satanic infrastructure is about to come down on your head and the screaming from demonic idiots like you will ring in Gods ears.

    You notice your God BHO and his wingman Eric mouthing off? What about Aunt Loretta (she has turned as well)

    So prepare yourself cupcake cause a storm is coming and it will drown all you Demonrat scum.

  9. ^^^ A sad delusion Trumptard fantasy utterly devoid of any facts ^^^ Why even your own head Rethuglican McConnell is delaying passage of the USMCA in favor of impeachment because he knows that Trump is guilty and going down and the useless USMCA can be shelved and a more rational & reasonable approach to trade can be drafted.

  10. I’m seeing what Libtard Tee-Hee above is saying around the net by liberals. They are EXTREMELY nervous about the outcome of all of this. So much so that they resort to more lies. They know they have lost and that this is nothing more than a shit show. I see indictments coming down. I want to hear all about Lisa and Peters escapades under the sheets. Something she can show her husband and children for night time reading before they go to bed. Tsk, tsk.

  11. Honestly? I often suspect Cassandra S-D and this guy is actually The Furmeister trying to gin up comments. 🙂 So far, it’s working. LOL!

  12. “Honestly? I often suspect Cassandra S-D… is actually The Furmeister”

    Nope. Cassie is flattered by the suggestion, tho. 😉


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