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He’s Trippin’

Biden stumbles twice in Philadelphia.

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  1. The way he is hanging onto the railing at the end and watching those goof balls cheer him on, it’s like he had to reboot his brain to come up with, “Oh, I’ll make it look like I’m making fun of the stumble and I’m really a funny dude!”

    Yeah, I know. That would give him too much credit. He actually thought they were cheering his physical prowess. What a fool.

  2. Wait until they start putting a helmet on him, I mean he’s already been given the short steps. I can only imagine what it’s like for a world leader to have to sit and talk with brain dead Pedo Joe. BTW, I bet Dianne Feinstein’s bones are still smoking, and Pedo Joe isn’t too far behind.

  3. Can’t even successfully climb four fucking staurs. Stupid shit needs to faceplant one final time and hemmorage out, then he can quit mugging like a asinine clown at his own weaknesses.

    Pedo McShitstain is an asshat to the core…

  4. But HALF the US population think having him as POTUS is just fine ….!

    Whatever hatred you’ve accumulated for this imbecile also belongs on EVERY politician. Both parties. Because this jackass still controls the levers of power. They all deserve grizzly deaths.


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