Hey Leftwits, When Are you Going To Organize the “Go Without a Hijab Day” in Schools?

It’s purely a one way street with leftards.

Non-Muslims are asked to wear a hijab to school to see what it’s like. Walk a mile in a hijab and maybe you’ll convert to the wonderful world of Islam.

How about we ask Muslims to go without the hijab in school to see what it’s like, with the clear implication being “maybe you’ll like it walking around without it.”

Walk a mile without the hijab and maybe we’ll convert you to the wonderful world of anything but Islam.

Nope. Can’t have that.

Just bringing up this suggestion is ISLAMOPHOBIC and I need reeducation.

Rochester, N.Y., high school taking part in World Hijab Day


18 Comments on Hey Leftwits, When Are you Going To Organize the “Go Without a Hijab Day” in Schools?

  1. What’s next, FGM? If this ridiculous idea was presented by a women it should be done to her first. If it was presented by a guy, well I don’t know, maybe a camel piss shower, or get thrown off a building? There are a lot of possibilities.

  2. Why stop there, I say go for the “Sharia Burka Day” where the females can wear a full head to toe Burka with only their eyes showing and if they show as much as an ankle, they can be whipped publicly by the religious police!

  3. Meanwhile anything American, such as wearing a western hat, baseball hat, or a bandana, including any face paint or mask for halloween… ALL banned 100% at my kids school district. Hijabs though, go ahead and wear it.

    Oh, and they are celebrating Valentine’s day today. Kids were sent home last week with class list of names for Valentine’s. We went out and bought candy like we do every year. 3 days ago the kids come home with a note that says, “school policy no candy.” We sent them with candy anyways, WTF are we going to do, RE-BUY Valentine’s?

  4. Why not go the full muslim/monty ?!

    Schedule the first Stone the School Administrators Day !

    Make sure you first bury them in the sandbox up to their necks !

  5. My kid would wear a hijab ONLY if at ALL the public schools in Tehran, Riyadh, and Cairo, girls AND their mothers performed the No-hijab day.

    Right. It’s never going to happen.

    Screw you CAIR, Obola and Commie Core.

  6. It won’t work. If some female from a pious Muslim family were to go hijab free she understands that her father, brother, Uncle or male pious Muslim neighbor will see her as asking for to be raped whereupon her father, brother, Uncle or pious male Muslim neighbor might decide they are having a sexual emergency and rape her. And here is the part that makes the whole thing “awkward- if the pious Muslim girl is raped (regardless of who) she will be guilty of fornication and her father, brother and or Uncle may feel the need to murder her to restore honor to the family.

    It’s all very complicated and the only thing you need to know. … wait for it … IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ISLAM.

  7. Note to the judge hearing the ‘sexual emergency’ case: Declare an Incarceration Emergency (lasting about 50 years should do the trick).

  8. Why not wear a t-shirt with of a picture of Mohammed with bold red letters underneath his face that reads, “FALSE PROPHET” instead?

  9. And yet, estimates are that 87% of Americans are oblivious to islam BUT our elected officials (they are NOT leaders, and certainly not representatives) feel compelled to ram this barbarism down our throats.

    Q: Are they all bought off, or blackmailed, or just evil twatwaffles ?

  10. The stupidity of the dhimmis who promote the shariah is what gives the jihadis the confidence that their work to establish the caliphate in America will be successful. These idiots are an easy target.

    The dhimmis are blind to the fact that there is no peace in islam, it only gets worse as the caliphate gets stronger. Sooner or later islam has to give you the choice to either join or be killed by the devout members.

    Fuck islam! It is only here to convert or kill. Anybody who tells you any different hasn’t read the islamic texts, or they lie.

  11. I wouldn’t mind seeing a “Wear a Hijab” day at my local school .. so long as the girls who are wearing it get lashed 50 times at the end of the day by a religious cleric when they try to take it off.

    As Paul Harvey used to say, “And now you know the rest of the story.”

  12. People are busy fighting to destroy all things Confederate, from flags to statues and cemeteries, because it smells of the days of slavery. Yet schools can have children emulate the slaves of MoHam’s sons as if it is a wonderful thing to be considered as property, to be forced to dress a certain way, and to be allowed by law to be beaten and/or murdered for perceived offences or sexual emergencies? Oh, how this once mighty country has fallen!

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