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Hey Man, Nice Shot

Footage of the Chinese Balloon destroyed.

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  1. This was a Spy Balloon just like there were WMDs in Iraq. Modern satellites can read number plates from space why the need to use a balloon? Because the Ukraine/Russian narrative is falling apart . . . No problem. Change the narrative: China! China! China!

  2. Sure.

    Now that its gone completely across the country and done whatever it was supposed to do, Pedo conveniently orders our military to destroy the evidence.

    Nice cover-up, PedoCheif.

    Guess we’ll see how many die along its path later.

    If the reports aren’t all suppressed….

  3. D The problem I’m personally having with that theory is they can already get all that info from satellites. They don’t need no sticken balloons.
    If they are ours, I think Doc nailed it.

  4. depending on the sensor suite, a balloon makes sense because it gets more data over time than a fast moving satellite which takes snapshots. satellites are fairly vulnerable because they can be tracked by radar and other means, balloons are harder to track. no heat signature so difficult to shoot down and can fly higher than any missile or plane . this one was lower but they can go to the upper atmosphere no trouble. this was absolutely power projection by the Chinese. should have shot it down first sight.

  5. Yes to all of that Sapper, but IF that is true, why not shoot it down first??? That it went all the way across the country and THEN they waste a good missile only adds to the doubt about the entire episode.

  6. Balloon travels all across north amerikka from Alaska to the east coast, in class a (controlled airspace) that requires a FAA clearance to be there. Then it is destroyed over the Atlantic.

    Who ever is running our show is not on our side and does not care if you know it.

  7. Another travesty. Just like there’d be no war in Ukraine, no missile out of the Nork’s, no Afghanistan fiasco, no invasion at the southern border… ehh not continuing, too many to list, there’d be no balloons from the ChiComs if Trump were president.

  8. In other news, the eastern edge of North Carolina was inundated with tiny leaflets just as the balloon cleared the coast.
    The leaflets, about 1/2″ x 2.5″, had lucky numbers on one side and catchy Chinese Proverbs on the other.
    Experts agree that the two are not related.

  9. @LVB-who knows? maybe order to take it down only came after china got what they wanted. this isn’t the first balloon, just the first that got into the news. been happening over a year now. also not the only one up there, we have a few posted around the US and can see the whole country when they are all up. four balloons can cover the entire country from prime altitude and sit there for months. if you had a platform operating in sovereign airspace and no one knew for a year, then it got spotted, you’d have to figure out how to take it down before it got recovered by hostiles and picked apart. maybe it wasn’t Brandon who gave the ok. anyone’s guess is valid at this point.

  10. I’ve been reading stories that balloons like these are difficult to bring down. They’re hard to spot and if they’re high enough almost impossible to hit. They are huge and the gas is contained at a very low pressure, so even if you puncture it, it will result in a very slow descent.

  11. So how many hundreds of thousands $ did it cost to shoot down? Multiply this tens of thousands of balloons. Get my drift. If the payload turn to be nothing but cheep solar panels.

  12. 1) Why do these things always have witnesses that are a bit Cousin Fucky

    2) I call Bullshit that Biden authorized anything Wednesday like they are reporting. If no one saw it, and embarrassed the Administration, Shitpants would have just went about his Business looking for a distraction from The Secret Document Scandal.
    Wait a minute.

    Cheers, I’m just having a bit of fun.

  13. Wag the er…balloon. I call shenanigans!!!!

    They could have shot it down I within 15 minutes of discovery – that’s Norad’s mission. A cheap middle would have done it. only need to target the instrument panels. So the whole thing is bullshit.

  14. The perfumed Princes at the Pentagon are still thinking about it.
    The prime thought among the brightest politically appointed Generals is: If we don’t do anything at least the citizens will be distracted from the Classified Documents, Felonies and Treason of our dear leader and his crack addled brain son.
    OH LOOK, Squirrel !!
    And Americans say, “Where?”

  15. This Xiden Spy Balloon Tour 2024 was causing to much attention. It had to be shot down, after the CCP got the data they needed – mission success. Everyone played their part – Xiden’s fake concern and CCP’s fake admission of balloon flight error.

    The jig was up when it became obvious and couldn’t be denied a “foreigner” object was in the sky.
    Just too many eyewitnesses – some were potential Xiden 2024 voters curious about what all the uproar was about. Most Dem voters are unaware of enemy surveillance and the dangerous consequences. Demwits joke it might be a Chinese pinata filled with fortunes. Idiots!

    Next, the Xiden Administration hemming and hawing about why it took so long for the CCP spy balloon to be shot down. A Demwit excuse about trying to protect American citizens in areas where the balloon “hovered”, etc, etc. Yeah. Sure.

    Meanwhile, China/CCP are laughing their a**es off. They can’t believe how easy it’s been to bring into submission the great United States of America. They are embolden now. Expect more CCP party tricks. Advanced AI sabotage and continued interference with our airspace, Chinese ships on our coasts, more CCP “policing” stations may be on the horizon. Stay tuned…

  16. China owns the president, universities, Farm Ground, meat processing plants, and we let terrorists, murderers, rapists, gangs and Drug Cartels across our Border by the tens of thousands………………

    And people have their shorts in a wad about balloons. WTF !

  17. Gotta give the Commander in Chief his props. He faced down the Chinese bully and won. Sun Tzu has nothing on Joe from Scranton.

    The shoot down has the flavor of T-ball for 6 year olds.

  18. At least you guys had something that could get up there and hit it. (F-15 or F-22?)

    We/Turdeau just stared at it for a day or so when it entered our air space.


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