Hidden on Page 508 of the Infrastructure Bill Is a Plan to Make It Too Expensive to Drive a Car


The cost of living is on the rise, calls for yet another wave of pandemic restrictions have begun and now, buried deep in the so-called bipartisan infrastructure bill, the left has laid out yet another idea to bring Americans to their knees.

Make no mistake: The suffering is intentional, goal-oriented and not bound to stop anytime soon.

Still, one proposal in the 2,702 page infrastructure bill seems especially cruel — cruel enough to make it too expensive for many Americans to even drive a car.

Nick Short of the Claremont Institute highlighted an item on Pages 508-519 of the bill that would introduce a national per-mile motor vehicle user fee on a trial basis.

“Buried on page 508 of the 2,702 page infrastructure bill is a pilot program for a national motor vehicle per-mile user fee (MBUF) which is basically a long-term plan to make it too expensive to drive a car,” Short said Tuesday on Twitter. read more

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  1. Many new cars have GPS built it. Those people are screwed.
    What about older cars? Will they force a tracking device to be installed?
    Soon, black market hacking software will be available to trick the GPS monitors.
    Next, they will track your speed and give you fines every time you drift over the speed limit.

  2. Car companies have been adding expensive, worthless shit for years.
    Who the fuck needs their car to parallel-park AUTOMATICALLY?
    This means your car requires additional I/O, feedback sensors, servo motors, etc. for autonomous control OF YOUR FUCKING STEERING WHEEL!

  3. This is a result of the rush to zero emissions. Electric cars don’t pay fuel tax and fuel taxes pay for a big chunk of road and highway infrastructure construction and maintenance.

    Once you let the genie out, you can’t control it. The Dems and globalists want to use it for social control.




  5. This is Agenda 21 getting into full stride. The ruling class wants their technology and toys but they only want enough of the little people around fix the robots and to do the things the robots can’t do. Everyone else, they want dead, period. That means they want to kill off over 6 billion people at least in the coming decades.

    That means you hear nothing but lies. That means your means to live will be chipped away to nothing. That means your rights are gone. That means the written law counts for jack shit. Just look around at what these fiends are doing. It couldn’t be more obvious under all the bullshit.

  6. That 67 Ford F150 I was considering buying keeps looking better and better.
    Gotta move the gas tank out of the cab, though…

  7. If the federal government wants to shove a tracking device up your ass, you bend over, smile, and say thank you!

  8. “All cars in the future should be manual transmission.
    Figure it out you little panty-waisted bitches!”

    That would break many soybones.

  9. If you can stand silent movies, look up METROPOLIS from, I think, 1927. Forget the female robot part, just note the divisions btw the elite and the worker class. It will look familiar.

  10. Anonymous, iotw won’t let you post 2 links in a row.
    If your prior post was a link as well, you can now likely post another.

    That said, why don’t you join the club by making up a screen name and avatar?
    That way we can know you from the other anons.

  11. The problem isn’t that the government doesn’t have enough money to to maintain the infrastructure, the problem is the government wastes the money they have on useless studies designed to fuck us even harder.

    Forty million dollars would fill quite a few potholes especially if the work was done by private contractors instead of government tapeworms. A couple hundred million spent fixing bridges instead of paying legal fees for illegals would also help if they didn’t spend half a billion to study the problem first.

    On the other hand, five thousand dollars for a pilot program to guillotine congress critters could be money well spent!!

  12. I will not comply.
    I will rig my odometer.
    I will disconnect any tracking device.
    I will operate my vehicle in an unlawful manner.

    As it is, we all have to pay for A) taxes on the car purchase B) Registration C) Driver’s facility services D) Gasoline Tax E) Insurance F) Taxes on car maintenance G) Tire disposal H) Oil disposal I) Parking fines/fees J) Moving violations K) Tolls L) Transportation costs associated with emissions testing M-Z) There’s more probably.

    Piss offffff

  13. Gas at $10.00 per gallon will make it too expensive to drive a car! The bill is so they can program the car computers to list you as having driven 50,000 miles in order to tax you for it!

  14. NIdahoCatholic, it’s been awhile since I have done it but here goes.

    1) Choose an image you like that can be distilled down to thunb-nail size.
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    Once you are set up you don’t have to redo it every time but depending on your browser you may have to select your name, email, website from the drop-down menu each time you post.

    Good luck!

  15. I have seen massive building of giant blocks of ugly cubicle housing along the major thoroughfares in the last few years. Many look like prisons. All very close to public transit of one type or another; trains and buses, primarily but also airports. They would have had to demolish other buildings to do this. There is very little street parking in these areas and, from what I can see, very little or no underground parking. Taking freedom of movement on a massive scale.

  16. So the proposed plan mostly discussed starts at 1.5 cents per mile and they would remove the 18.4 per gallon federal gas tax. They frame it to sound cheaper but basically the break even point is a car that averages 12.5 miles per gallon. So with my spectacular minivan at 23 mpg I’d pay twice as much in gas tax. Once the system is in place states would be in on the grift right away. That’s why they teach common core math and had to bury it in a bill liberals think is wicked awesome.

  17. You may as well label the Republicans Commie Pinkos now, their in bed with the Commie Democrats.
    I despise the whole lot.
    By the way won’t comply, you bastards.

  18. I should’ve kept my 55 Chevy station wagon, 56 Ford F 100 P/U truck and my red 69 VW Beetle. And my dad should’ve kept his 53 Packard Clipper and 62 Dodge station wagon which was one of my favorite cars with a big V8 and a push button automatic transmission. I loved driving that car back in the late 60’s and early 70’s. I bought and now drive a 93 (since last week) Subaru Legacy LSI AWD station wagon with 105,000 miles on it that my brother got from one of his customers with all the bells and whistles. It’s an almost new 30 year old well kept up car that’ll suit me fine for a long time. It’s also very nice to have a brother who occasionally finds very good used cars from some of his customers at his garage.

  19. Do you think Amazon, UPS, USPS, FedEx are exempt?
    Will they absorb these costs?
    Trips to the Doctors Office, Hospital, Nursing Home?
    Farmers moving Grain or Livestock to Markets?
    Private Jets of the Elite don’t use roads, how about tax per air mile or tax per runway length.
    Think again who you voted for

  20. Just one more example of ‘rules are for thee, not for me.’ Can you imagine any of these despotic assholes using public transportation? There are more of us than them–it’s time to do something.

  21. Liberal democrat turd rakers have 2 thoughts for inanimate objects like cars and guns: control it to their advantage and if they have no use for it ban it so nobody else can use it. They’ll make it a luxury to own a car and you’ll have to follow their rules to own it, or rent it from them. As for guns only the ordnung polizei will be allowed to carry.


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