Petty Vindictive State Dept. Going After Pompeo For a Bottle of Whiskey

This is what we the state department has time for. This is the equivalent of the FBI sending teams of agents to investigate a “noose” in a NASCAR garage.

The left weaponizes their powers on their domestic enemies.


State Department investigating whereabouts of $5,800 bottle of Japanese whiskey given to Pompeo.

It is unclear Pompeo ever received the bottle, given to him by the Japanese government in 2019.

The bottle was gifted in 2019 while Pompeo was traveling in Saudi Arabia, and it is unclear whether it was ever received by the then-secretary. U.S. officials are permitted to keep gifts that are worth less than $390, but if officials wants to keep a gift valued over that price point, they must purchase them. 

A filing, made public Wednesday, reveals the department has opened an inquiry into the whereabouts of the bottle. The department has asked its inspector general to figure out what happened to the gift.


22 Comments on Petty Vindictive State Dept. Going After Pompeo For a Bottle of Whiskey

  1. They will spend many times over the cost of the bottle of whiskey to investigate this because they will spare no expense to expose a great crime!

  2. Pompeo’s a real capable guy. And so far no signs of betraying us like others have. He’s every bit as smart as Trump and therefore most likely number 2 on the communists hit list. I wouldn’t be surprised if the were all fabricated.

  3. I think this is BS. They would have issued an FBI predawn raid on his home and dragged he and his wife naked into the street while CNN was filming.

  4. Refill it with recycled whiskey and plant it in Pelosi’s office.
    Our community group had a highway pickup, my wife couldn’t under stand why anybody would put Mountain Dew in a Pepsi bottle.
    I said thats not Mountain Dew, it took a second for her to figure it out.
    She never helped again.

  5. Watch who they are going after. This isn’t about a bottle of spirits, it’s about trying to destroy the prominent members Team Trump before 2023, the GE campaign season. In the end they’ll lie about Pompeo’s innocence anyway.

    (Did they ever recover the priceless WH doorknobs and other antiques from the shylock Clintons?)

  6. Meanwhile their former Secretary erased/deleted scrores of government emails and used non-secure computers to receive and send sensitive emails and nothing happens.

  7. So, this gut-rotted administration is going after a bottle of rotgut to continue their rotten smear against Trump, a President with guts. This turns my stomach.

  8. “… $5,800 bottle of Japanese whiskey …”
    C’mon man! You gotta be shittin me!
    The fukkin Japs own Jim Beam, for heaven’s sake!

    There ain’t no such thing as a $5,800 bottle of whiskey!
    I know! Won’t get into how, but take my word for it …

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. Illinois is trying to fuck Donald Trump out of a million dollars as well.
    The IRS said he was overcharged property taxes and he is owed that refund.
    The Chicago fucks are working hard not to pay him.
    Total illegal BS but they don’t fucking care, it’s Trump.

  10. They go after Pompeo but don’t do anything to Hillary for having a private server in her house that is storing State Dept classified emails. Banana Republic.

  11. DOJ allows a Capitol Policeman to KILL Veteran Ashley Babbitt with out a legitimate investigation, grand jury or indictment.
    But a bottle of alcohol is apriority !
    DOJ doesn’t reflect Justice at all.
    DOJ are weaponized political hacks.

  12. Uncle Al ʘ ,
    It all turns into piss.
    Even if I had $15K to spend on a 40 year old bottle of The Macallan, I wouldn’t.

    izlamo delenda est …

  13. But nary a disparaging word about Joe and Hunter Biden’s High Crimes in Eastern Europe or China or the U.S!
    This is an indicator you are now in a Dictatorship; when the Dictator’s Minions of the”State”are loosed to go after Citizens, termed “enemies of the (Democrat Party)State, to make crimes up against those opposing tyranny, to create fear and shut up all oppositon!

  14. The government really has their knives out for Trump & Associates.

    The level of hate and antagonism toward President Trump is dismaying to say the least.

  15. @Uncle Al–

    I once had some 35-year-old Macallan (an old downtown pub was closing and selling off its stock).

    It was so good, it was almost to die for.

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