High School French teacher resigns after furious parents slam his drag performance for students – IOTW Report

High School French teacher resigns after furious parents slam his drag performance for students


A high school teacher has resigned from a Wisconsin school after receiving a backlash from parents when a clip of him dancing in drag for students went viral on social media.

French teacher Matt Kashdan of Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District in Wisconsin performed for students in drag as part of a ‘Fine Arts Week’, dancing in red-heeled boots and a sparkling blue dress. 

The teacher danced to Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga’s song ‘Rain on me’ as part of the talent show, which had returned after a hiatus.

‘People were calling me a groomer, people were calling me a pedophile, people are calling me a narcissist,’ Kashdan said, branding the criticism ‘homophobic’.  MORE

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  1. Their push and push and push for acceptance has backfired spectacularly, IMO, after Disney spoke out against the FL anti-grooming law for little kids. Nobody cares how you dress or act in your own home but stop grooming our kids or face the consequences.

  2. It’s difficult to find “normal’ people to become teachers because the pay isn’t worth the hassle. Thus we end up with either ‘chicks w/ dicks’ or ‘angry men hating lesbians’ in the class rooms. The union only cares about the member dues and any graft that Democrats steer their way.

  3. He’d never make it at the real female impersonator venue called “Finnochio’s” in San Francisco. Actually years ago, straight people were the main customers. They enjoyed looking at bizarre behavior, who knew it would end up as an everyday thing in the world. The impersonators were creatures of curiosity. What the teacher did was totally inappropriate, and the students are fine with it. That’s where we’re at.


  4. The Grim Reaper April 21, 2022 at 2:39 pm

    Morticians do grooming. I can help with that.

    Some trivia. Whoopi Goldberg use to be a beautician by trade before she became a comedian. She worked for a mortician doing cadaver’s hair.

  5. All this public perversion began with ‘tolerance’. Tolerance was the initial position staked out by the homosexual community. It was all they wanted. We normal people easily granted that. Then they wanted acceptance as ‘normal’. The institutions granted that easily though many people did and do not. Then they wanted ‘marriage’, no less would do. Due to lawfare, institutions granted that over loud objections of the public. Along the way many riders came along, trannies and pedophiles jumped on the bandwagon as well as animal fetishists and other very specific and niche perverts.

    At this point, for any and all thinking people, the mask these people hid behind should be thoroughly removed. They want your kids. Every kind of pervert who can use a child as a sex toy wants your kids. Every kind of pervert who uses pubescent, post pubescent children or adults as their own kind of sex toy wants those kids groomed into the lifestyle before they can grow into their own natural individuality. They. Want. Your. Kids.

  6. When did letting your a** hang out at a school performance become “fine art”? They will never stop pushing the envelope until those that oppose it stand up; good on the parents for saying enough!

  7. I thought the STUDENTS are the ONES THAT are IN the TALENT SHOWS & PRODUCTIONS.

    Since when are the Teachers the ones in the SHOWS.

    My KIDS are in the Band NOT the TEACHERS.


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