High School Sprinter Just 0.4 Seconds Behind Usain Bolt – IOTW Report

High School Sprinter Just 0.4 Seconds Behind Usain Bolt

His nickname is a bit divisive, but to be honest, I expected to see a black guy.

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  1. Your expectation of a black guy is quite understandable ; If you google “decathlon world record” you get this…

    “The official decathlon world record holder is Kevin Mayer of France, with a score of 9,126 points set during the 2018 Décastar in Talence, France, which was ratified by the IAAF.”

    …and a picture of a black guy who is not Kevin Mayer, and whose record was broken by Kevin Mayer. Kevin Mayer is white.

    Now google “American inventors”.

  2. If you were him and saw what he did when he looked over his shoulder, how fast would you run?

  3. The commentator said his speed would not be recorded because he had a 4.2 mile tailwind. But the other runners also had that same tailwind, but they were all black. Seems a bit racist to me.

  4. He would immediately go to world record status and the history books if he declared himself to be a woman. The first trans-woman world record sprinter!

  5. He had a tailwind, but the others faced the oppressive headwinds of systemic white supremacy. They should have .5 sec lopped off their times.

  6. Screw all the haters.
    Unless they kneecap him (and they have their motives), smart money bets he improves his time.

  7. More evidence that black dudes may be naturally faster than whites, even though it be raciss and ignant to say so, can be seen at the Wikipedia entry “10-second barrier”

    What you will see is that this kid, whose time may actually be re-instated, would have been only the fourth Caucasian to bust the 10 second barrier. So his run is doubly amazing

    What you’ll also discover is that the first SEVENTY runners to break that barrier share a certain Sub Saharan, pigmentally augmented heritage, and that all of them are from Western and Southern Africa (East Africans are a different sub-type)

    If we’re being generous we’ll say that this group represents 10% of the earth’s population. So the odds of this happening at random is 10 to the power of 70, right? … which is a figure that is probably bigger than the number of atoms in the Milky Way galaxy.

    But dont let that number influence your racist perceptions. It has nothing to do with natural ability, it’s all in their superior work ethic. After all, dont black Americans and Jamaicans dominate the distance events and marathons the same way they dominate the sprints?

    For the record, 137 people have broken 10 seconds, 131 of whom hail from that certain part of the world — to include 23 Jamaicans and 54 Afro Americans


  8. In old times used to be the guys who hauled cases of white lightning were pretty fast too. Carrying forward the legacy.

  9. @Bman: That could be because relay runners carry long knives rather than batons in those towns…

  10. He didn’t do that. It was someone else who laid the polyurethane and painted the markers. He couldn’t have done it without those great people, so they should share in his record breaking sprint. Without them, it never happens.


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