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High Winds and Garbage Day

Patriot retort-

In my neck of the woods it seems there’s some cosmic rule that if we’re going to get unbelievably high winds, they must occur on the night before garbage day — preferably after you’ve taken your trash and recycling out to the curb.

I can’t count the number of times this happens.

It happens with such regularity that yesterday when my dad stopped by, I followed him outside carrying my two recycling bins and he said, “And of course it’s windy the day before garbage day.”

You’ve heard of Murphy’s Law. This is Central New York’s Law.

We don’t ordinarily get crazy, gusting winds here in Central New York. It isn’t as if we’re on the plain. But they do happen from time to time, usually when a weather front is moving in that will radically alter temperatures. And for some reason, these radical shifts in weather always seem to fall on the night before garbage day. more

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  1. Happens all the time in my neighborhood. Luckily I have hedges around my front yard which stops the blowing debris from going through the whole neighborhood. I also want to know how you can accumulate 10 bags of garbage every week? I wouldn’t even have one if it wasn’t for the cats litterbox.

  2. My Neighbors can’t figure out the Racoons …Trash P/U is Tuesday/Friday…

    anything set out early gets distributed evenly through the Neighborhood.

  3. Take trash to the curb?
    I have no curb.
    I have no one to pick up the trash if I did take it to the curb that isn’t there.
    I load my trash into the car or truck and drive 12 miles to the “Recycling Center” (Dump) where I then throw it into a dumpster, paying $2 per bag.

    Strange traditions and cult-practices in New York.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Fortunately, my local “recycling” center is only about 5 miles. I too have no curb.

  5. This is why I never put out my trash cans the night before. Here in north Texas there is always a good breeze and that can change to a 30mph wind in no time.

    I always put it out the morning of pick up. Sometimes if I’m working from home I don’t put it out till I hear them coming down the street, then I’m in panic mode running down our long driveway with 2 garbage cans, bed hair and one slip on shoe barely hanging onto my foot.

  6. Then the neighbors leave the empty cans out until the day before the next pickup. I’ve noticed this more since the lockdowns.

  7. It is very windy in my neighborhood. My trash cans have lids. I have cheap bright bungee cords that I used to secure the lids to the trash can. I used to have really high quality black rubber ones, but they kept disappearing.

  8. Our recycling center is free to County taxpayers and 2.5 miles away. My manager is a recycle nut and she goes more often to the place than necessary. One of my chores is finding any paper or trash in our house and yard and load it for her. There are very few dumpsters on the street in my neighboorhood but the occasional “Spaniards” that lives a mile or less in any direction will dump all his/her earthly possesions down our undeveloped street. The Walking Dead filmed an episode down it. It was my hobby to poke a stick in the bags to take pictures for the county code enforcement officer. They pay a $1000 fine and have to come clean up the whole vicinity spotless. The idiots never have the smarts to remove any identification. Not a one. Street’s all developed now 🙁

  9. 3 months ago wind blew a large wheeled garbage receptacle into the road where it was promptly clobbered by a southbound car which launched it at 45 mph+ into my northbound 45 mph suv. bounced off me back to him where it got sandwiched between us and dragged down the length of both vehicles. short version is $9k worth of damage and one destroyed plastic wheeled garbage thing.


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