Hillary 2.0

The frailty, the flip-flops, the conflicts abroad and, of course, the messy family life: Joe Biden’s campaign is looking like a bad sequel.

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  1. Joe Biteme is the face of the DNC. He is a pedophile who is allowed to grope, fondle and molest the children of democrat politicians in front of the democrat politicians. The fact that the MSM ignores that and the rest of the democrat politicians ignore it proves they are all evil in my opinion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQ-YjGmpO4Q

  2. All of these pukes are just auditioning to be the face of the party, it’s the dangerously subversive scum behind the scenes that are our biggest concern. Obama wasn’t the brains behind his administration, just it’s figurehead. The same goes for these candidates.
    How we root out these treacherous animals is our challenge.

  3. They weren’t flip-flops. They were sturdy Birkenstocks and comfortable flats. And no shoe should ever be separated from its partner like that. Please, Joe, tell them now to toss me in the van with you if it comes to that.

  4. Joe’s handlers are keeping Him to early Interviews and Speeches…

    Because He tires so easily…..Which begs the question..

    Who’s going to be President at Night?

  5. Be careful what you say about Crazy Joe as he has a 30 round clip loaded shotgun stuffed inside his trousers!

  6. @ Bobcat, “Who’s going to be President at Night?” Benghazi 2.0, maybe? The famously unanswered 3 AM ‘phone call.

  7. @Supernightshade, LOL! Only differences – Hellary dressed in a mumu and Pervy Joe in a trenchcoat sans clothes underneath.


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