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Hillary campaign ropes off media

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  1. The Horror (or Whore) of Chappaqua on display for all to see, but not touch. It’s for your own protection folks!
    You really need to keep people at a distance from this strange, old animal capable of letting loose with a string of salty invectives and maybe an ashtray or two should anyone get too close!

  2. I think those kind of barriers separating those who disagree with Shrilarry are called free speech zones when used against right wing protestors. So how’s it feel now that the shoes on the other foot and you’re the ones being shut out of the conversation you leftie pinheads. Free speech is for everybody unless you disagree or are antagonistic towards barry, shrillary etc. Wake up and smell the coffee you’re being played and you agree with it. IDJITS!

  3. This is interesting. Look at the people to the left. The girl in shorts is looking at Clintons red caboose laughing. Then there is couple guys and a gal looking in opposite direction, not even interested in Clinton. Hmmm

  4. I hate to say it but if she’s elected, after a few months of her special brand of horseshit, we’re gonna miss Obama.

    Kinda like having brain cancer and longing for lung cancer.

  5. I hope there were no black journalists there. You get a bunch of white Democrats coming down the street with a rope, you don’t know what might happen.

  6. To echo what a gazillion other people have already said:

    Either she KNOWS (she undoubtedly FEELS) she is entitled/chosen, and is just playing with how far she can push these obsequious cretins around,
    she WANTS to lose this thing.

    In either case, I only hope this helps to wake up the “more average” American to how
    1) biased and
    2) unreliably flaccid the media is in their claim to still want to ferret out the truth.

  7. Nice catch! I hope some conservative blog investigators either were there or can sift through other shots from the event…

    …I mean: wouldn’t THAT (if black reporters had been roped in) be a GOTCHA!

  8. A coral around an old cow. Hope they’re headed to the dog food factory. She should be cited for not having a Wide Load warning across her big ass.

  9. I say that nobody is stupid enough to vote for Hillary and then I look back and see Obama voters…….many of whom admit he is a failure, but are ready to start anew with “Hillary “change””!!!! When will they ever learn?? Am I racist or just very pragmatic when I say some people should not be allowed to vote…… has democracy in this Republic failed???

  10. Definitely, she wants to LOSE this election; in fact, she even wants to LOSE the primary.

    In the meantime, her campaign coffers (and/or her Foundation) will continue to rake in the multi-million big bucks. When she loses the primary, she will NOT turn over the extra cash to the winning candidate.

    The Clintons are keeping all the loot – screw the useful idiots and even the foreign donor suck-ups, thinking that this will buy them influence and access.

  11. Huh, so Hillary provided her own float in the parade? What? That actually was Hillary?

    I’m kind of surprised she wasn’t carried down the street by her own litter bearers.

    No Republican would have to do this because the press isn’t interested in portraying any of them as having any contact much less chemistry with “the common man.”

    No photographer would take a picture of a Republican in a parade unless there was some activist waiting to glitter bomb him or her or scream endless obscenities.

  12. Why isn’t the media allowed to do its job? We really need to know Hillary’s favorite ice cream flavor.

  13. We all forgot about the qualms she gave you, Vince.

    DON’T trust her and DON’T turn your back to her.

  14. Makin’ a living the old hag way
    Takin’ and taking by day by day
    I dig cash which nevers sees unshine,
    Draggin’ the line (draggin’ the line)
    My man Bill likes Blue pill powers
    He ain’t got much but it’s up for hours
    Sometimes he’s got three chicks at a time,
    Draggin’ the line (draggin’ the line)
    Draggin’ the line (draggin’ the line)

  15. Hideous Cow
    She thinks its in the bag
    I am ashamed at how much I want her to lose the primary, again.
    Just so I can know that she is denied her deepest desire: Power
    Go Joe, knock her flatulent zeppelin ass back into the shadows.
    She only wanted the Presidency so she can be the one to hand the US Sovereignty over to the UN so she can ascend to her rightful place as Queen Emperator of the World.

    Unfortunately, if she loses she will become so mad that she will begin to vibrate. This vibration will disrupt the electromagnetic fields of the atoms around her causing her to pass through the Earth’s Crust and Mantle where she will lodge at the center of the Earth’s core.
    And become stronger.

  16. I migh be a bit fuzzy on details. Didnt they stick the media following obama in a mantenance shed for hours on a golf course?

  17. Biden locked some reporter in a closet at a fundraiser in Florida. I’m sure Obama has held some journos captive, too, but they consider it an honor which they never speak or write about again, even if the gag order gets lifted years later.

  18. To hell with pressure cookers blowing up. If her big ass goes off it’ll kill everybody in that zip code.

  19. Rope? I figured they’d isolate her using Crime Scene Tape.

    How many laws will this POS be allowed to break without penalty?!

  20. Reading about this at length earlier today, one article stated that Killary’s ropin’ technique was started by none other than Billy Jeff when he was in the WH.

  21. @Tom@Drum – YES!

    The Kenyan Communist Moslem-In-Chief Usurper walked up to the MainstreamMedia libtards getting forcibly shoved into the metal shed and said, “Now what we have here is a failure to communicate! A few hours in the HotBox should take the starch right out of you. And if you succumb, a Navy Corpseman can always try to revive you”

  22. Do not forget that Obama got an award for transparency…and the press was kept away from the ceremony.

    And those ‘tards still fall on all fours and lick his boots every chance they get.

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