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Gawker shamed by handful of smart readers

Gawker ran this story yesterday –
Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 3.05.36 AM
There are scant facts about the case. A guy was acting erratic and someone called the police. He resisted arrest and when subdued he had a heart attack. That is all that is known.
But the first comment out of the gate was by a dutiful commenter, a typical sh!tstain whose purpose is to set the narrative – cops are murderers.
Yet another disgrace made even worse by the fact nothing’s been done to retrain, hire smarter people or better yet, actually punish cops who’ve murdered.
Lately, a vocal minority of commenters are not letting Gawker jerks get away with their idiocy.
Why is this national news? And why should i care?

I do not see any intentional abuse here. It looks like the guy had an underlying condition or was on drugs, either can cause a cardiac arrest.


  • Simple, it plays into the Gawker meta-narrative that all cops are murderers, regardless of the actual facts of the situation. For once, it appears the commenters may not be buying into the bullsh!t.…… isn’t it funny how Gawker didn’t run a story about the shooting of Kate Steinle?


    By the way, a reader posted an uncropped version of the picture that Gawker ran. I wonder why they wouldn’t run this one??



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  1. Probably swallowed all his drugs. Cops should do Catch and Release on these guys when they are pretty sure all the meth or heroin or whatever has been gulped down. That way the guy dies out on the street instead of in jail.

  2. Maybe they should even hand guys like this a “thank you for visiting us!” bag
    on the way out…filled with all sorts of
    delicious goodies (not just meth or heroin)!

  3. Are we sure “shamed” is really the right word, here? Have you used busted too many times previously?

  4. I lived next door to an old Cop. He was a riot.
    He would say:
    “Cops don’t care what color you are, resisting arrest will get you a Hickory Shampoo.”
    If those asswipe liberals over at Gawker know so much; try out for the Academy, become a Police Officer, see how easy it is.

  5. The reason Gawker didn’t run the uncropped version is the same reason the progressive press ran a photo of Trayvon as a 12 year old and Michael Brown from his high school graduation.

  6. Those cops didn’t have to arrest his cardiac! Why couldn’t they have just let it off with a warning…?


  7. Good for the few readers calling Gawker out.

    I’m going to call… “Excited Delirium.”

    When your heart is already crankin’ out 150-170bpm due to meth/coke/bath-salts (that his post-mortem toxicology will undoubtedly show one of those I’ll bet), the ticker can’t take anymore. His heart was running an all out foot race while standing still and before ever resisting arrest. The extra exertion and… ‘POP’ goes the ticker.

  8. Stupid fucker should have cleaned his nasty ass mirror before he took that. I bet the toilet behind him has a finless brown trout sitting in it.

  9. @ Mary Jane.. 3 days ago..Florida’s Second District Court of Appeal ruled that the trial centered around Gawker Media’s publication of a sex tape featuring Hogan will not begin on July 6 because of a legal technicality. The judge had not allowed sufficient time between the last motion filed and the start of the trial.
    In the opinion filed Thursday, the appeal court wrote that Florida law “prescribes a minimum interval of fifty days between service of the last pleading and commencement of trial.” By the time the trial date was set on June 19, “the window for doing so had been closed for weeks,” according to the court.
    A new start date has not been set.
    Gawker Media had asked for the delay. Heather Dietrick, the company’s president and general counsel, said in a statement that the postponement of the trial “provides us the important opportunity” to learn more about three Hogan sex tapes, the existence of which was confirmed by the FBI last week. Those tapes, Dietrick said, “appear highly relevant to the facts of the case.” I call it BS stall tactics.

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