Hillary Heading To Rehab – Makes Pit Stop


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  1. Chateau de Humah….vintage 2002….a very good year…fruity overtones with a back bite of all spice…

  2. Don’t kid yourself.
    Hills don’t do rotgut.
    Nothing but the best for herself.
    The State Dept. booze budget was off the charts when she was (allegedly) running the show.

    Besides, “We are the president!”

  3. Looks like an outtake from “Real Stories of the Arkansas Highway Patrol”…

    Officer #1: No one beat you up, huh? Hmm. Then, what happened, then?

    Bill Clinton: [ hesitant ] Fell down.

    Officer #1: You fell down? Well, that’s not what it sounded like to the neighbors. They said they heard quite a brawl going on oer here!

    Bill Clinton: I don’t know.

    Officer #1: You don’t know? You don’t know. Where’s your wife, sir?

    Bill Clinton: I don’t know.

    Officer #1: You don’t know much, do you, sir?

    Bill Clinton: I don’t know..

    [ Second Officer puts his ear against closet door ]

    Officer #2: Bobby, it sounds like there’s somebody in here..

    Bill Clinton: [ defensive ] Nobody’s in there! That’s just a closet!

    Officer #2: [ knocking on closet door ] Mrs. Clinton, could you come out here, please?

    [ the sound of a pot hitting the floor ]

    Officer #2: Mrs. Clinton, we know you’re in there!

    [ the closet door slowly opens, as a mussed Hillary Clinton teeters out, clutching a bottle of whiskey ]

    Officer #1: Well, ma’am! you did quite a number on him, didn’t you?

    Hillary Clinton: I guess so.

  4. Sorry, billy,
    DC runs on graft and corruption.

    The alcohol just makes em not give a shit any more than they already don’t give a shit. Even a thieving liar has to look in the mirror every morning – and the alcohol fog makes em look pretty to themselves.

  5. Bubba said, “Hey honey, when you’re at the corner store, can you pick up some cigars for me?”

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