Megyn Kelly debates Al Green over African American Witnesses

Green says African Americans can make mistakes as witnesses. And guess who he thinks made the mistakes in the Wilson case? The six blacks that all had the exact same story which matched the forensic evidence. They are the mistaken ones.

Green is siding with the mish-mash of lies and inconsistencies and cherry picks from amongst that pile of sh@t.

What a dope. And Texas elected him.

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  1. It’s hard to imagine that these idiots can gain enough support in any community to get elected. Strange but true, weird but real.

  2. I think I have reached the saturation point, where hardly anything even causes raised eyebrow, and every new catastrophic FAIL (whether of “them” or of “us”) is just an surprising extension of what has already happened/is happening.
    I am nearly a cured news junky.

  3. My Old Man used to listen to “Let’s Stay Together” and “Still In Love With You” on the record player back in the disco days.

  4. I’ve said for some time that Texas is a liberal wasteland. Used to be I wanted to move there, but now it’s like moving to Colorado or California.

  5. Someone make him an appointment with a barber. How people in the public eye can walk around looking like cavemen is beyond me.

  6. If you remember how Marvin Gaye died, this will make you laugh:

    “What was the last thing Marvin Gaye’s father said to him?”
    “Come over here, Marvin, I want you to hear this 45.”

    -remember 45 RPM ?

  7. this clip happened to be on while I was cleaning up my DVR last night. The guy would not listen to any reasoning. only kept spewing the same mindless crap. Dapengiun you got it right I would have not lasted as his interviewer.

  8. Good essay at Takimag
    Low Information Looters
    by Steve Sailer
    November 26, 2014

    …Consider how many stories the Rev. Al Sharpton has promoted during his long career that have turned out to be Tom Wolfe-worthy travesties: the Tawana Brawley hoax, the Crown Heights pogrom, the Freddy’s Fashion Mart massacre, the Jena Six, and finally Trayvon Martin’s gay bashing of George Zimmerman. And yet, the old rogue is now at the apogee of his influence over the White House….

  9. Sorry for the cheap and shallow shot, but that has got to be one of the ugliest MOFOs I have ever had the displeasure of seeing. It actually caused me to recoil away from the set when I stumbled upon this.

    The juxtaposition of the faces of Kelly and Green was quite startling (and entertaining, once I had adjusted mentally).

  10. old_oaks, we’re talking Houston here, as blue as it gets, origin of the gender-neutral public restroom.

    Most of TX is still blood red, and loves God and guns.

  11. The voters in Texas just cleaned the clocks of thousands of democrats statewide, from dog catchers to the baby killing Wendy Davis. It’s true that the odd progressive lurks about the Lone Star State, but don’t let that fool you. Texas is very conservative.

  12. “And Texas elected him”

    C’mon now. You know the whole damn state doesn’t vote on every candidate.

    We have our share of weapons-grade stupid. And they tend to group together. Just look at any map of lib-con distribution.

    It’s like they have magnets in their heads.

  13. Too bad he is unaware that a grand jury is what protects you from the justice system doing what ever the hell it wants to you.

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