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Hillary is no match for Trump on Twitter

ICYMI….Hillary Clinton should avoid competing on her enemy’s turf…

Donald Trump tweeted this:

trump tweets at hillary

See what happened next, at Wizbang

18 Comments on Hillary is no match for Trump on Twitter

  1. That is one of the funniest lines Trump’s ever typed.

  2. Phoenix LGBT just endorsed DJT. I shit you not.

  3. LOL. No shit! I guess the other groups are gonna be busy cutting their own throats protecting islam.
    Too bad.

  4. bb, he will get lgbts, hispanics, and blacks

    you won’t hear this from msm

  5. Colon person- 😀

    Preezies get a bump after every tragedy. It’s always been that way. The people who aren’t quite paying attention think it’s good that a leader comes out to chat with the unwashed to calm them down.

  6. Dogs and cats sleeping together! It’s raining in the desert! Democrats are voting for Trump!

  7. I wish I had the same optimism that the LGBT crowd will learn from this.
    They won’t.
    The term useful idiots was made for such people.
    Seriously, they will be boycotting a Christian florist next week.

  8. Loco, I share the same concern but it looks like the Muzzies got it in for them here. Who knows. I’ll take their votes.

  9. oh i forgot, i think the new acronym is lgb1tb2, where b1 is bisexual and b2 is binary

    hard to keep up

  10. I can’t remember where I read it now, but Trump tweeted that out during the business meeting last week. During the meeting — not at a bathroom break. That is what effective people do when there is a slight lull in the business at hand.

  11. I wonder what it’s going to look like when all the warring factions — Gays, BLM, Occupy, et al — are on the same side under Trump. How he’s able to herd all those cats will be one for the history books. They can’t all be quarterbacks. lol

  12. Hillary & 0bama LOVE Islam
    Islam loves to kill Gay people
    ergo, Hillary & Obama love to kill gay people

  13. Hellary doesn’t know what she’s up against. Trump stomped her using just one of her many criminal activities. Love it! The heartless, evil cow is out of her league on social media.

  14. Trump is who he is.
    Hilary is what her staff and polling groups advise
    Trump’s authenticity cannot be faked
    Hilary is completely fake
    Observing Trump, one can tell he’s a fun guy to be around.
    Observing Hilary, one can tell she’s a cold bitch to be around (unless she wants something).
    The atmosphere in the Trump Camp is convivial and friendly, and businesslike.
    The Hilary camp is run like a Korean Military Brigade complete with trials and executions
    Everything about Hilary is repellent and distasteful.
    If I woke up in a cage, and Aliens told me I had to have sex with Hilary to save the species, my reply would be:
    “Humans have had a good run, let’s not be unfair to the up and coming species”

  15. @Lazlo, great post !! I agree completely about homo sapiens.
    They had a good run.

    @Mickey Moussaoui, “Hillary & Obama love to kill gay people”.
    I dunno…wouldn’t that represent a conflict of interest?

  16. Mansfield Lovell, Famous Fuckup Confederate General

    I think I read it here on IOTWreport but all of these leftwing special interest groups defending Moslemism is very much a Stockholm Syndrome scenario. And another thing said on here is that its like hoping that by being nice to the cannibals, that they will eat you last. But the Filthy Moslem Savage cannibals WILL eat you. Doesn’t matter if you are homosexual, leftist, environmentalist, a union member, Hispanic, atheist, no-longer-practicing Jewish atheist, WHATEVS….

    With Moslemism, once the Filthy Moslem Savages are running your country with their Satan-worshipping horror-show Sharia Law bullshit, there are only three things you can choose – 1) convert to Islam, 2) refuse to give up Christianity or Hinduism etc and and be forced by the Moslems to “dhimmi” status (second class citizenship where you have zero rights, you are forced to pay a 33% religious tax and if you can’t pay your taxes they can legally enslave you and sell you, they also can draft your male sons to be “Janiserries” – Christian soldiers forced to convert to Islam and used by Moslems against other Christians in battle), OR 3) taken by the Filthy Moslem savage gummint and subjected to a gruesome death in the public square to keep the others in line.

    ISLAM = Forced Conversion, Forced Subjugation, Death. Pick One.


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