Obama Refuses To Use “Islam” Or “Muslim” To Describe Islamist Terror Attack – IOTW Report

Obama Refuses To Use “Islam” Or “Muslim” To Describe Islamist Terror Attack

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21 Comments on Obama Refuses To Use “Islam” Or “Muslim” To Describe Islamist Terror Attack

  1. Now comes a week of lecturing law abiding citizens about laws that are already on the books.
    Pathetic ass, have a stroke on your next golf stroke.

  2. I have this dream. It involves this president and and an Islamist. Details are forthcoming.

  3. From my friend Val in “Da Bronx.”


  4. When is Barry turning the rainbow colored lights on at the white house?

    Oh My, did I say colored?
    My white heterosexual privilege is showing.

  5. You can not believe how fucking fed up to my eyeballs I am with this asscock.

    Kind words about my mother from him wouldn’t change a thing.

  6. Hey, wait, guys, where you going? Trump’s a racist!! Come back! I’m not done yet! In rock-paper-scissors, racisting beats politicizing!! I won! Get back here! I will.not be ignored!

  7. I wonder if the pr*ck got his 72 raisins. Will Opr*cko get 72 raisins for his jihad against We the People? That would be an improvement over Moose though.

  8. Of course not.
    Valerie Jarret would yank on his ear

  9. he is complicit in these murders and the many to come

    spineless rinos did nothing to stop this asshole’s lawlessness, and will do nothing during the next 7 mos

    there is no forgiveness

  10. and the Stanley goes to

    the Pens !

    Buck Ofama and the tonys

  11. So Obama’s a dickhead.

    This is news?

  12. It seems that the “political winds” have shifted and we now understand where teh won stands.

  13. Pantywaist fudgepacking asshole motherfucker. I cannot WAIT until he’s gone.

  14. 0bama loves Islam more than American LGBT

    facts is facts

  15. Man, another day, another living proof that Obama haters are the biggest racists and bigots in America today. The only reason Trump is doing well is because he knows he has racists and bigots like you. Trump is a shameless, opportunistic bigot using this tragedy for his own political gain. America would be stupid to elect this guy, but then again, you are stupid racist c-nts!

    Should we call “TEA Party” as Radical Republican Party? Now, notice that it’s still a party. But, I’m sure many a Conservatives will hate it. Similarly, if we call this as Radical Islamic (Terror). So, first of all we would give this terror outfit a legitimacy in the Islamic world. They are now a fringe group but by calling them “Islamic” might make the group mainstream, as Islam for Muslims is a way of life and word surely matters. And when you suffix that Islam by Terror, then it will have the same effect when you hear the word Christian terror.

    That’s why it’s called simply as Terror for strategic reasons. But low IQ dump cult will not know those finer psychological nuances. They just want to carpet bomb the heck out without having a basic knowledge of the world outside of their little fortresses. Let me elaborate a little more..
    As racists is synonymous with white racists as majority are whites, so let terror mean those as(s)holes. Why you need to add Islam to it and get 1.6 Billion people offended. By now people have a fair understanding as to where this terror comes from.

    Wow, even now Trump doesn’t get it. This had ZERO to do with Islam and falls into homophobic hate crime category. The target alone says what this crime was really about, and ISIS was again not even close to the top of that food chain. To top it off, how does Trump respond to the fact that this was an American who bought his guns legally despite being on the Terrorist Watch List.
    The shooter, Magen was born in the States. Why do some people mention Obama’s middle name every time they have an issue with him? Why difference does it make? HE IS NOT MUSLIM. Get over it.
    By the same logic, I must be a religious person because one of my birth names was from the Bible. I’m not.

    Why label crime with a particular race or ethnicity? Crime is crime. Who cares who committs it?

    This is not grounds for impeachment. you do not understand the legal definition of what constitutes a traitor.

    How many guns as Obama taken away from honest law-abiding citizens? Answer: 0. YOU and all your other Pukebart lackeys are the disgrace.

    How many guns has Obama taken away from honest law-abiding citizens?
    Answer: 0. As for the gun-free zones, you morons are always screaming about “state’s rights.” Well some states have elected to have gun-free zones, and you all want the SCOTUS to rescind them. What a bunch of phony baloney hypocrites!

    You are a real scumbag, calling your president such horrible things. I’ll bet you’re one of those idiots who protested the Dixie Chicks over their comments about Bush, too. I could just hear it now…”How dare you criticize my president!” BWAHAHAHA! You tea baggers are a joke.

  16. Even when the islamists say they’ve carried out an attack in the name of islam, the left insists that only racists think the said attack was islamist terrorism.
    (Hit head against wall here)

    Obama and his ilk will not only use this crisis, h/t Rahmbo, to push gun control, they will use it to push the homosexual agenda. I wonder….if there is an islamist attack on a Christian church, would people put crosses or churches over their fakebook pictures like they probably will rainbows in the next few days?

    Don’t get me wrong. Just because I don’t agree with the homosexual agenda, doesn’t mean I want them murdered. It just means I don’t want them in my face and telling me I’m a terrible person for not wanting to live like they do.
    And for not wanting less than 3% of the population dictating to the rest of us.

  17. Just as bad as the murderer being a murdering Muslim he was also a murdering ‘Democrat’! He was a murdering leftist Democrat! He was a murdering, anti-American Democrat! He was a hate America murdering Democrat! He was a Hussein Obama-Hillary Clinton Democrat Party Murdering Democrat! He was a DEMOCRAT!

  18. I just googled “hillary can say islamic terrorism” and t asked, “did you mean hillary can’t say islamic terrorism?”

    But she actually did say it, finally. And now she’ll get high-fives in the media all day for proving that nasty Trump fellow wrong.

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