Hillary says she’s a Rorschach Test

Hillary Clinton spoke at Rutgers University this week during her deep discount lecture tour . The former Secretary of State declared that she’s “a kind of a Rorschach test for people who are trying to make sense, not just of me personally, but of women’s roles and women’s expanded opportunities, in not only America but around the world.” More



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  1. A Rorschach test, eh? Well, what I see when I look at that blot is a two-faced, heavy-ankled, hypocritical, money-grubbing, power-mad, high self-esteem but low self-respect, arrogant, condescending, seizure-prone, narcissistic, rape-enabling, rug-munching, despicable fraud.

  2. Then again, democrats look into that splatter and see Russians, porn stars, and other secret deals…. I’d say they were all paranoid schizophrenics

  3. Where are these women that Hillary talks about? I’m 62 years old, worked in a corporate environment all my adult life. I have never met these type of downtrodden unappreciated women. My ex is known around her office as “Guido Sarduchi”. Does that sound passive to you?

  4. I did look which is why I would never never vote for her. How pathetic, Trump can plan a rally with a days notice anyplace in America and have a full house. Mrs. Clinton goes to colleges for a fee where most of the audience is required to attend for extra credit or whatever. Sad sack Hillary.

  5. Hillary says she’s a Rorschach Test?
    More like a cockroach pest.

    People keep stomping on her but she just won’t die.

  6. And when all is said and done, she will be remembered as nothing more than a bitter woman lacking in integrity and grace. Nothing she can say will ever change that.
    She represents only one kind of woman. The scorned type with wrath.

  7. “… a Rohrshach test for people who are trying to make sense … of women’s roles and expanded opportunities…” And the conclusion people should draw from watching the Dowager Empress’ Rohrshach test is to hang on to some powerful man’s coattails for 25+ years while he F#*ks around with anything in a skirt, hoping those coattails will drag her back to the White House ?

  8. So NOBODY remembers Barney giving this test to Otis in the jail, in that episode of Andy Griffith, I take it? 🙄

    Y’all buncha whippersnappers!

  9. The devil isn’t getting money the way she, he used to make
    Next she will sell Chelsea Clinton fuc ass. But no person will buy that crusty pussy.

  10. Rorschach? I see her as a Skull.
    My second take would be Evil Bat.

    Every day she demonstrates anew just how psychologically unqualified she is for any position.
    Well… maybe toilets. After a complete frontal lobotomy she just might be competent to scrub toilets.
    On the weekend midnight shift.
    In a really bad beighborhood.

    And no salary. Just “tips”.


  11. Hillary Clinton reminds me of Margaret Thatcher. NOT because there are ANY similarities between the Iron Lady and this ugly loser that should be in prison until she dies.

    It is because of every way this hag totally lacks what Mrs Thatcher had in abundance:
    Dignity, Integrity, Intelligence, Vision, Grace, Modesty, Humor, did I mention INTEGRITY?!

    Mrs Thatcher speeches were a pleasure to hear. Hitlery cackles like a screech owl.

  12. She’s a test on the limits of medical science. But she’ll never quit. Probably already bought Steven Hawking’s gear.

  13. A filthy, grifting, corrup-o-crat, traitor who’s stolen Hundreds of $Millions and has evaded legal liabilities through her Mafia-style organization and close ties to the Bureaucratic underworld trying to align herself with women.

    She is to women what Anderson Cooper is to men – not really exemplary.

    Fuck Off, Eat Shit, and Die.
    One of these days Huma’s labia are gonna get stuck over her nose and mouth and she’s gonna suffocate.
    Or her liver’s gonna explode.

    Good deal for humanity, either way.

    izlamo delenda est …

  14. I see Mothra, a giant nation destroying insect that smells like a rotting cunt. Not sure what the inkblot looks like though.

  15. “Hillary says she’s a Rorschach Test “


    I’m a bug man by profession.

    You don’t want my Rorschach results.


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