Hillary Testilies Before House Benghazi Committee

The maneuvering is finally over and former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has been sworn in to testify before the House committee investigating the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi today.


Being the only witness, experts believe she faces a full day of dodging questions, undermining the legitimacy of the committee, obfuscation and outright lying.

Here is the full transcript

Also – Hillary and company lied about the youtube video being the impetus of the attack. 

Daily Caller – Hillary Clinton sent an email to her daughter, Chelsea, on Sept. 11, 2012 in which she asserted that an al-Qaida-like group was responsible for the terrorist attacks in Benghazi, it was revealed on Thursday during the former secretary of state’s testimony to the House Select Committee on Benghazi.

The email, which was revealed by Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, indicates that Clinton knew early on that the attacks which left four Americans dead was carried out by terrorists. But as Jordan pointed out, Clinton and others in the Obama administration had already begun crafting the narrative that the attack was spontaneous and that the attackers were motivated by a YouTube video many Muslims found offensive.


Couldn’t let Americans think that a planned attack on 9/11 could happen under their watch, now, could they?

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  1. “A sound and a fury, signifying nothing.”

    “The mountains quake, and give birth to a mouse.”

    HRC could hike up her pantsuit, shit on the table, and her sycophants would love it and still vote for her. Elijah Cummings would lick her shit off the table in front of the cameras – swearing it tasted like chocolate.

    The FedGov is one giant, criminal corruption.

  2. There is no question the American people will never get justice on this. This gov’t is so corrupt and the corruption is so systemic they have closed every loophole concerning any personal accountability. The whole shiteree is an impersonal wall that is impervious to truth and facts. I hate it. We might as well turn ourselves over to the U.N. These guys are impotent to any criminal activity within. Their internal laws and culture recognizes no criminal activity.

  3. With Sheila Jackson Lee leering over Hillary’s shoulder, I turned it off. And were the people behind her strategically placed? Adam Schiff should be shipped to Pyongyang.

  4. the d-rats are putting out a very simple easy to follow and understand defense of her and at the same time calling the testimony a witch hunt.

    Low information voters cannot process any complicated issues when the easiest answer for them is that it’s a witch hunt and Congress should be spending its time on appropriating more welfare, not this witch hunt.

  5. I have said similarly that 0bama could be shown on video slitting the throats of children and a sizable number of people would defend him.

    I’ve listened a bit to the testimony today on CSPAN. After the morning session dismissed, calls were taken by the host and something amazing happened: democrats called in and actually were outraged that something was COSTING taxpayers too much! That was their chief defense, that is was a waste of money and a “witch hunt.”

    I just want to know two things from this whole episode:
    1. Who, exactly, contrived the “it was all because of a YouTube video” explanation for the attack?
    2. Where, exactly, was 0bama during this attack and what, exactly, was he doing?

  6. The Dancing Bear has had leadership of this committee for how many years now and how many indictments have there been, on this or any other crimes committed by ANY of this administration?
    No convictions(or even indictments) = No destruction. It is all just a show by people who are all on the same team. The Congress has given Hank J Bounel everything he has wanted, and they will soon give him another 4 years.
    Hillary will be sitting there with crimes hanging over her, and severe brain damage from her drunken tumble, until she gets the nomination, then at the supreme moment she will be OUT, and the elections will have to be “temporarily cancelled” (forever).

  7. As well he should. After all, how embarrassing would it be for our side if the latest installment of this “vast right-wing conspiracy” were lacking in flair and panache?

  8. I found it really something when the dems on the panel would throw her a softball and she’d just gush “oh yes certainly” like they just complimented her hairdo, and then basically start a 2 minute campaign speech. WTF.

  9. LOFOs aren’t watching this anyway. They’re watching the Kardashians and they might see this mentioned on colbert or the daily show and won’t even know what it’s about.

    The LOFOs won’t even vote this round, there isn’t a magic negro on the ballot.

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