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Hillary To Dry Out in Rehab?

The National Enquirer is reporting that Former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, may be headed for a stint at Betty Ford before making her run for President. Just for balance, American Thinker points out the flaws in the story.





18 Comments on Hillary To Dry Out in Rehab?

  1. It won’t take.
    As with quitting any addiction, you have to WANT it, and she doesn’t.

    The Dem nominee will be Julian Castro.

  2. All she needs is some of that honey laced with Viagra, making the news today in Saudi Arabia. That would clear that head.

  3. Considering she never worked a day in her life and revels in the lifestyle of royalty, the pressure of lying day in, day out and with her campaign to achieve the throne, she works up a thirst.

  4. Who’d a thought that co-celebrating in the destruction of the USA would drive the perpetrators to drink?!

    Heavy are the heads that wears the crown, eh Lady MacBeth?

    (Foster’s murder hid under the rug of her conscience, but Stevens’ must not fit under there)

  5. @ Normy….Mao Tse Smith, just won a state senatorial seat in Mississippi…let’s keep this train a rollin’

  6. Like the National Enquirer is a reliable source. They’re the same clowns who said Bill Clinton was screwing an intern and John Edwards had a love child.

  7. Hillary’s so poor her credit’s like her rehab – AA. Hillary’s so poor she smiles when she drinks so the bartender will think it’s happy hour. Hillary’s so poor she never tips – just chortles and says what difference does it make. Hillary’s so poor she can only order a pocket screwdriver. Hillary’s so poor she can only watch Bill have a Sex On The Beach.

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