“His Understanding of World Affairs is Much More Nuanced and Sophisticated and Pro-American than Moronic Neocons” – IOTW Report

“His Understanding of World Affairs is Much More Nuanced and Sophisticated and Pro-American than Moronic Neocons”

GP: Tucker Carlson, the most-watched cable news host on television today, interviewed President Donald Trump at his home in Mar-a-Lago on Tuesday. This was President Trump’s first interview since he was indicted on garbage felony charges by Soros-funded New York City DA Alvin Bragg one week ago.

When the question came up, President Trump told Tucker there was no crime, adding, “Think of it Tucker, I’ve been through seven years of bullsh*t investigations, seven years.”

During break Tucker gave President Trump a glowing compliment.

Tucker Carlson: “His grasp of foreign policy… His understanding of world affairs is so much more nuanced and sophisticated and pro-American than the moronic neocons currently in charge. It was remarkable.”

President Trump is the first President in decades NOT to start a new war and the first president in decades to bring peace to the Middle East with his Abraham Accords. more

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  1. I watch bits and pieces of this interview. One of Trumps better interviews. About half way through Trump stopped being so defensive and from there on it was just like two guys talking. I believe part twos on tonight.
    Tucker has historically said some pretty negative things about Trump so that’s quite a statement by him. I’m sure he got an immediate phone call from Paul Ryan.
    By the time 2024 gets here we’re going to need someone that understand Foreign Policy like no other. And there’s only one guy that qualifies. And that’s DJT.

  2. How can it be that Tucker is newly impressed with Trump’s grasp of world affairs? I guess after watching the clown show of the last two years even I would appear to have a firm grasp of world affairs. Now Tucker needs to start showing more J6 tapes!

  3. Tucker went to North Korea with Trump and though may have said negative things THAT TRUMP DESERVED, Tucker has done more for Trump than anyone in the news business by treating him fairly.
    That includes Hannity because Hannity always has his lips firmly planted on Trump’s ass and everyone knows this.

  4. Loco

    One insult after another. You’re an ass. Paul Ryan holds a high level management job at FOX News. In fact he’s on the Board of Directors. As in sets direction and objectives for the corporation. He also has a say in content. So if you don’t think Paul Ryan has a certain amount of sway over what Tucker reports well that tells me everything I need to know about your intellect.

    Why the fuck do you think he stopped with his J6 campaign?
    Keep your snappy little bull shit mouth to your self and leave me the fuck alone.

  5. Yeah nothing says “THAT TRUMP DESERVED” like going to N Korea and stopping the missiles from flying.

    Name one thing that have your panties twisted (wow all caps too, I’m impressed) Was it the 1.4% inflation? $1.87 gas? No endless wars? A secure southern border? WAH, he didn’t build the wall. Or maybe not hiring Wray? Or Sessions? Or Barr? Cause having the current crop of morons running our country into the ground is so much better, right?

  6. Sorry Brad, wrong again, per usual.
    Ryan has NO fucking say in what Tucker puts on his show.
    Tucker is number one by far for a reason.
    Just looking at what he covers, his specials, his content, his dialog likely gives Paul Ryan nightmares.
    I doubt Ryan even watches to avoid being triggered.
    I know Tucker would gladly have Ryan on his show to debate but Ryan has NO control, no say, and no balls.
    Only a complete IDIOT believes Paul Ryan tells Rupert Murdoch anything but “yes sir!”

  7. MMinWA

    The guys an anti Trump troll. Anytime anyone has something positive to say about Trump he starts stomping his feet and crying like a two year old. It’s getting REAL tiresome. If you didn’t get a chance to watch that interview try and find it. Tuckers summation was money. Trump exposed the idiots incompetence. Starting with Captain Brain Deads fist bump. A major insult.

  8. Damn, we have another person here that believes Trump is a flawless, perfect individual in MMinaWA?

    Should I start the list:
    How about putting Christopher Wray in charge of the FBI?
    Hmmm, must be worth a criticism? No?
    How about handing over your president to a lifelong entrenched bureaucrat like Tony Fauci?
    Hmm, nope, nothing bad to say about that!
    Leave Trump Alone! (Insert Britney meme)


  9. Trump brought his “A” game last night. Say what you will about his legal issues, and there are many, but he was focused, on point, and presented such a refreshing contrast to the three-ring circus we have in power now. Tonight ought to be equally,”Ready For Prime Time”.

    And how easy did Tucker have it last night? He asks DJT a question and the man speaks for 20 minutes straight.

  10. “You guys must LOVE Hannity.
    Or perhaps you hate him because he takes up too much real estate on Trump’s heinie and it’s harder for you to find a good spot to place your lips?”

    What an ass.

  11. Speaking of Fox News, the big Dominion defamation trial starts next week. It is a good thing Murdock is loaded.

    Last week details emerged about a settlement Fox paid to a Venezuelan businessman who both Sydney Powell (remember her? I guess she is still walking her Kraken) and Lou Dobbs defamed on air as being part of the Dominion vote grab.

    I know nothing about the particulars of the case but I have read that Dominion counsel has some pretty damning emails and correspondence from Fox that sure sounds actionable.

    And no, I seriously doubt Ryan has any influence or control whatsoever over Tucker. I suspect that Tucker and Gutfeld have the whip hand, knowing their value to Fox. Although something is a foot over those J6 tapes, undeniable.

  12. ^^^^ I’m not sure why you two are so quick to declare Tucker has no bosses? It must be your vast corporate knowledge. But I would keep this in mind. Some one, or somebodies, sure as hell stopped Tucker from airing the J6 footage. Right? No one here knows how his contract reads. But you can bet your ass he is under contract.

  13. Let’s see, Tucker does a whole special over a year ago saying that Jan6 was not an insurrection. The left has a cow.
    McCarthy gives Jan6 tapes to Tucker, he does several shows on it, and does a few other spots here and there on it the next two-three weeks and yet it’s not enough for you guys, “something is amiss?”
    How about the fact that he put it out there and now the ball is in McCarthy’s court?
    I would tune out if all Tucker did was cover January 6 bullshit every day and I’m definitely not alone in that.
    Too much other important shit.

    Oh and, for fucks sake, the Shaman got released.
    BTW, why doesn’t the man WHO COULD HAVE PARDONED THEM speak up more?
    Nope, Tucker has more sway than Trump is what you are evidently saying.
    Trump sounds weak if that is your position.

  14. “^^^^ I’m not sure why you two are so quick to declare Tucker has no bosses?”

    Nobody said that, reading comprehension is your friend.

    Of course, he has bosses no matter how popular he is, I just don’t think it is Ryan. Given how Ryan suffers from TDS and Tucker has been a willing ally and has been a net benefit to Trump over the last few years, the two interests are not aligned.

    But the absence of any more J6 tape coverage is perplexing. I wrote about this last month, how it was great that we got the truth about the Qanon Shaman and Brian Sitnik, but there are a hundred more stories to tell, and bringing these stories to light will right some wrongs, expose those committee members has lairs and cheats, and would quash a narrative that has been damaging both to Trump and his party.

  15. This seems to be a common insight online today:

    Can a Trump “influencer” explain to me how Jeb Bush, a former governor of Florida, and a Republican, attending DeSantis’s inauguration is somehow a deal breaker but Trump lavishing praise on Democrats Charlie Crist and Gavin Newsom isn’t?

  16. Rich, LOL
    “Nobody said that, reading comprehension is your friend.”

    Well if the Board of Directors cannot direct Tucker than he has no bosses. You’re way over your head here. And this is getting boring. You and Loco type away.

  17. Ryan is a figurehead on a board of 10, all of them with more power than him.
    They meet at a plus exotic resort in the Caribbean a couple times a year for golf & cocktails.
    They all know who the cash cow, the golden calf, the goose that lays the golden eggs is so, nigga please!

  18. BTW, I think just a week or so ago Ray Epps talked about suing Tucker and Tucker laughed in his face on air.
    Why would he sue Tucker you might wonder if you only listen to some of the clowns on this site?
    I’m glad you would ask that, “because Tucker exposes Jan6 & Ray Epps bullshit all the time.”

  19. Rich, Brad likely knows this but it busts his narrative.
    He needs to keep that narrative in order to explain anything negative Tucker may say, even though Tucker has done a lot of positive reporting about Trump.
    I always harken back to the pic of Tucker laughing his ass off at something Trump said to him at a golf course earlier this year.
    Tucker is a great man to have on our side.

    Thing is, Brad is one of the biggest paranoid conspiracy theorist you will ever meet.
    It’s in his DNA.

  20. I admit I slept through all my psyche classes in college but this type of mania is all too prevalent on our side, it is unhealthy and counterproductive. It’s like if anyone says something positive about your guy, your spidey sense kicks in, and distrust surfaces, jealousy almost, like he can only have one best friend that’s me so lay off and go find your own friend.

    Tucker does not suffer fools easily, as evidenced by that brilliant John Bolton takedown he did a few years ago (I think it is still on youtube) and this was a Trump appointee. But he aches for his country’s demise, like we all do, and knows that Trump could right the ship if given the chance.

  21. OMG! What a crock of shit. Here is someone who idolizes dictators. Was laughed out of a European summit. Claimed Mexico will pay for the wall. Believe his used-car salemanship spiel as a world leader, others think he is complete hogwash & a boldfaced liar.

  22. ^^^^ wondered how long it would take for the ignorant sissies with the “Trump Wuz Mentioned” app to show up. Your idol is a complete moron and impostor. Laughed at in more summits than any other real president. Grow up, kid.


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