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History of the Microwave Oven

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  1. Didn’t watch the video. But I was there. Microwave tech migrated out of the military. Tony R mentions Litton. Litton back then was a BIG time military contractor. Made a shit ton of parts for them. Truth be told, I prefer an open flame.

  2. Teledyne MEC, to this day specializes in Traveling Waveguide Amplifying Tubes. Yes, TWATs for short. They go into every damn military plane that flies. And back in the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s they called them TWATs. TWAT’s use to break. Sometimes you could repair a TWAT. Sometimes you’d just need to scrap it. Then Womenz. Now they just call them TWTs.

  3. I remember getting an Amana Radarrange at $700 or $800. It was more expensive because it was 700 watts compared to the 500 watts most other brands were offering.
    Now, a little over $100 gets a top end 1200 watts oven.
    Everything else keeps going up in price, but our tech and electronics keep getting lower cost.
    Of course the new cheaper stuff also tends to be disposable junk.
    No one bothers even trying to fix any of this stuff.

  4. One of my uncles was a VP a Litton. he had his name on over 500 patents; mostly radar. 72 years ago he had a micro wave in his home, Paul Crappuchetes. His grandson, my 2nd cousin is a conservative writer/speaker .
    At the time he lived next to Shirley Temple. A few years later he river “up” to Woodside; min lot 3.5 acres! Most had stables; Uncle Paul had kennels for his bird dogs. It’s in my blood. (Huntington; not brains)

  5. “The Litton Radar Range. I remember it well.”
    No, you don’t. The Radar Range was an Amana product. Pro tip: don’t press your face up against the door while it’s running.

  6. Ever notice the little tiny round holes in the front door that look like a screen? There diameter is precisely 1/4 wave length of the microwave freq.The microwaves can not go thru the holes because the 1/4 wave length in the RF world acts like a short and a 1/2 wave length acts like an open.

  7. My mom was a Bell Telephone employee and I can remember her coming home with an Amana RadaRange right around 1975-6 that she had won at a raffle … I went to school and told my contemporaries that we had a microwave oven. After being called a liar several times under the pretense that we were dirt poor and in no way could afford such a luxury item, I invited some kids over to watch in amazement how I could pop corn and cook hot dogs. My mom used that microwave up until the early 2000’s when she sold the house along with the microwave and moved to a retirement community.


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