$hit!! Delta 1943!!! Cancel!!! (Averted Collision at JFK) – IOTW Report

$hit!! Delta 1943!!! Cancel!!! (Averted Collision at JFK)

Friday the 13th

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  1. Man oh man. My son is in flight school.Talking with the tower is not his favorite thing. I just sent him that. I told him to pay attention in class. And on the runway.

  2. I was on a Boeing 747 about to touchdown at Gatwick once. Suddenly, all engines went to full power. Some butt-lick pulled out onto the runway just as we were over the end of the runway. The British Airways pilot calmly explained what happened as we were going around. I love adventure, but not that kind.

  3. Dr. H, as a passenger, same happened to me years ago at CLE. Just about to threshold and suddenly full power and a climb. Pilot explained there was another aircraft crossing the active.

  4. My adoptive father was a controller.
    These near misses affect them immensely.
    Obviously in flight near misses more so.

    The runways are clearly marked.
    I’m with others thinking it may be diversity hires.
    Or side effects from the clot shots.


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