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HLN anchor’s $100,000 lavish latrine

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NY post —CNN staffers are hopping mad that bosses are building anchor Robin Meade an expensive private toilet while employees are being laid off at their Atlanta headquarters.

HLN anchor Meade has demanded a loo and a sink in her office at Atlanta’s CNN Center, and, according to internal e-mails, the lavish latrine could cost up to $100,000.

But the malodorous move has been met with fury by CNN International staffers who have been told to reapply for their jobs.  more

20 Comments on HLN anchor’s $100,000 lavish latrine

  1. All this tells me is that she makes money for the company and they want to keep her happy. The folks who got let go weren’t making the company money. This is just simple economics.

  2. I don’t know… I’ve watched her on HLN before and I have listened to her voice and so I have the suspicion she’s a ‘caitlyn’. lol.
    I don’t think she’s talented enough for a 100,000 dollar bathroom. But then, MSNBC pays Al Shart’on for absolutely nothing.

  3. I installed a basement shithouse for a guy, once, for $450 – water closet, lavatory, and shower.

    Somebody’s getting a whole lot more out of her than $100,000, believe me. She must be commanding $Millions in advertising.

    Since I never heard of her, I think she’s overpriced.

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