Maduro doubles down on leftist policies in Venezuela despite election setback – IOTW Report

Maduro doubles down on leftist policies in Venezuela despite election setback

venezuela food riots
food riots

WaTimes: CARACAS — Two months after he suffered a massive electoral reverse — and with his leftist allies under pressure across South America — President Nicolas Maduro isn’t backing down but doubling down, defiantly rejecting all attempts to limit his power or lead Venezuela away from the populist, anti-market policies of his late mentor, Hugo Chavez.

And despite its Dec. 6 landslide victory and its massive majority in the National Assembly, the country’s centrist opposition has turned out to be largely defenseless against a public administration and Supreme Court stacked with Maduro loyalists.

Little more than two months after the landmark vote, high expectations for immediate action have already turned into resignation and put a dent in predictions that Venezuela might take a cue from bold changes in Argentina, where new President Mauricio Macri won praise from investors when he quickly rolled back key populist and protectionist policies championed by his predecessor, Cristina Fernandez.  more

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  1. REgressives always double down-they do not have the capacity to say, hey this isn’t working, let’s try another approach. Never in the history of REgressiveism has there been one admission of failure.

    Well there are the Alinskys that realized the working class wasn’t going to rise up and revolt. Much better to burrow into traditional institutions and rot them from the inside out. But that was kinda a quiet admission to themselves as they certainly didn’t broadcast their intentions of destroying our country by destroying our culture.

    Usually it’s we haven’t gone far enough(taxes aren’t high enough, the standards haven’t been lowered far enough, there aren’t enough regulations to get everyone working for the common good…)

    To not double down is in essence saying the entire policy was a failure. Better to double down and say the policy is solid, it just a bigger dose of the same.

    Lines around the block for toilet paper only means that the toilet paper barons are evil. Yeah.

  2. This article blows.
    Nowhere is there any mention of how these poor downtrodden Venezuelans are to receive a pathway to legal status in the US.
    Nothing about their rights to our due process, and constitutional guarantees of safety, free health care.
    And dammit, not one single mention of how we get these people (and any relatives they may have) here to safety.

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