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Hockey Star Skates Off Ice Screaming For Help


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  1. WOW. Many years ago, I was at a match where a guy caught a skate in the face. It was gruesome. Next to having teeth knocked out in your grill face stiches give a hockey player cred on the ice.

  2. hose blades are SHARP

  3. Lucky he didn’t get cut in the throat. That happened to a goalie, Clint Malarchuk, who had a jugular cut by a skate, they got the bleeding stopped and repaired the cut – saving his life – most gruesome accident in NHL history. The next morning he appeared in person on a morning TV news show. Tough guy.

  4. Tim, after that incident the poor guy developed off the charts O-C-D. Gettin up in the middle of the night to make sure the stove was off, windows closed, doors locked etc…If I remember correctly he eventually got into being a goalie coach and it helped him. The trainer saved his ass, stuck his fingers in the wound and pinched it shut. It also happened yrs later to a guy on the Fla Panthers-Richard Zednick, he skated off the ice forthwith and saved his own ass

  5. Despite each player having a sharp knife on each foot and a club in their hands, NHL hockey has been pretty safe over the decades. The only on-ice death I’m aware of is Bill Masterton back in the late 1960’s who smashed head-first onto the ice and suffered a severe brain injury. Players did not wear helmets in those days because of a certain hockey
    bravura culture and wanting the fans to recognize their faces at all times without helmets obscuring them.

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