Homosexual says he’s grooming children – scolds audience as disgusting when they audibly gasp

25 Comments on Homosexual says he’s grooming children – scolds audience as disgusting when they audibly gasp

  1. The deviant is now the norm. And FUCK you if you won’t let your children participate. A Libtard wet dream. I chose not to participate. The parent here know what needs to be done. So Fing do it already.

  2. Looking forward to an unsolved cold case show on ID after he’s found fatally impaled on a traffic cone with no witnesses.

  3. It’s this kind of shit that makes me want to convert to radical Islam, sometimes, because this faggot piece of shit needs to be tossed off a tall building.

  4. They are pushing their offensive, degenerate, unacceptable behavior to the limits. They will not stop until they are FORCED to stop.

  5. ” A traffic cone is way too soft.”

    NO! You just need to increase the velocity of the impaylee. I’m pretty sure that’s an actual word.

  6. Toss the skinny faggot off a bridge while
    attached to a mill stone.
    Or, remember the scene from Brave Heart, when the King threw his faggot son off the castle parapet? Loved it!
    Any parent who would allow a child in the same room as that sick phuck should be shot.

  7. Did I hear that right?
    Basically: I will bring drag queen clubs to your children’s schools. Thank you!

  8. There is a reason prison inmates kill these kind of perverts as bragging rights.

    This is obama’s disgusting legacy.

  9. Hopefully AIDS will have the desired cleansing effect on this deserving target and soon. May he rot away slowly in some hospital isolation ward covered in weeping abscesses.

  10. Teaching people to be tolerable while criticizing the people who are aghast at his statement. They’re disgusting?
    Sorry bub. You got that backwards. You are a tool of the devil.

  11. At the end of the day the parents (and presumably the officials in charge of the reading programs) should be thankful for the frankness of this bastard. Getting the facts straight from the horses mouth that their kids are in grave peril ought to force them to take action. The whole program ought to be re-evaluated in order to ensure that no gays (I’m sorry, even though all the gays I know would cheerfully assist the straights in beating this guy into a coma, with kids you can’t take any chances) can enter or be involved in any way. If this guy was smart he’d leave town.


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