Hong Kong Closes Airport After Violent Police Confrontation

International Business Times

Hong Kong International Airport has cancelled all departures for the remainder of the day Monday, halting operations in one of the busiest terminals in the world as protesters demonstrated here for the fourth day.

All flights not yet checked in by Monday afternoon were cancelled. In a statement, the airport authority cited serious disruption by protests as around 5,000 anti-government protesters have been staging a demonstration at the airport.

Hong Kong police claimed that some of the activists had moved to the departure area of the airport, causing disruptions, but declined to comment if it would move to clear the protesters. More

Things got out of hand over the weekend after police moved in to try to clear protestors from the airport. Officers were apparently using non-lethal rounds and succeeded in taking the eye of one protestor. More

11 Comments on Hong Kong Closes Airport After Violent Police Confrontation

  1. The Chicom feces is about to hit the revolving blades. Very Bigly. This could be much worse than Tianamen Square in 1989, because it won’t be over after a few days. It will take years, or even decades, to force Communism on Hong Kong.

  2. What does Winnie The Xi do now? HK, Taiwan, Japan, and SK are pushing back. And it seems Duterte, for now, is beginning to see the error of his ways. Though the dead “Chinese national” today doesn’t help.

  3. Why has no one put the question to our Most Woke Corporations?

    The ones who just finished LGBTBBQWTF Month with a brief respite before Hispanics Month.

    When will Google, Yahoo, Apple, etc. cease all business operations in China? This is their Tiananmen Square moment.

    Be on the right side of history you cocksucking faggots and stand up to tyranny. Humanity over Corporate Greed.

    Demand China’s expulsion from the WTO today.

    RINOs, NeverTrumpers and the Democrat Party hardest hit.

  4. I was in Hong Kong about a year before it was returned to China. The people who worked in the stores, hotels and restaurants wanted to talk to Americans to tell us how afraid they were of what was coming.
    Most people who could afford to leave had already moved to other countries. The people that stayed did not have he ability to move and were terrified of what would happen to them.
    We were told by people repeatedly that they wanted to be like Americans. Freedom was what they wanted.
    We can only hope that Liberals will see what is happening in China. It’s time they understood that loss of our guns could mean loss of our freedom.

  5. To the Chinese elite, power comes from the barrel of a gun. And some things never change like the fact the guns are mounted in obsessive-compulsive disordered, anal, holier-than-thou Chinese assholes.

  6. There will be no film and American media and internet companies will see to that in addition to helping track down and murder the dissidents.

  7. The protestors need to have the whole island
    ready to go up in smoke. If the infrastructure
    and institutional knowledge that keep the money
    machine running are destroyed, the Reds win a
    big fat zero for decades to come.

  8. Bernie, Kameltoe, Beto & the ButtFudgeJudge, Castro, Chickenlooper, DeBlasshole and the gang of Socialist clowns all orgasmed simultaneously!


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