Hong Kong Suspends Trading On Giant Chinese Real Estate Developer Evergrande

Associated Press

Shares in troubled real estate developer China Evergrande Group and its property management unit Evergrande Property Services were suspended from trading in Hong Kong on Monday as investors awaited the next steps in the saga of its debt crisis.

Cailian, a Chinese online news service affiliated with the state-run newspaper Securities Times, said another developer, Hopson Development Holdings, was planning to acquire a majority share in Evergrande Property Services Group. More

Real estate in China has ballooned into a massive bubble that threatens to swallow not just the Chinese economy but threatens the world economic stability if it pops.

For insight into just how rigged, corrupt and crappy real estate is in China watch this video from two western insiders who have witnessed it all first hand. Here

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  1. Oh, it WILL pop – either now or later after their Communist regime tries to stop it. Bad timing for them, either way. Speculation is now widespread that they need a distraction. Uh, huh. It starts with the letter “T.”

  2. F##k Joe Biden. (chant about 20 times)

    Now go to your window and raise it and repeat.

    Kinda catchy isn’t it?

  3. This combined with the rolling power blackouts and disruption in the coal supply means trouble in china. A wounded animal will lash out. Watch out Taiwan.

  4. Ah, for a couple of Quadrillion US Dollars, it’ll get fixed.
    Too big to remain not controlled and owned by the party…

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