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Hopefully everyone goes


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  1. Nice, Fur! So edgy! So Trumpalicious!

    A co-volunteer at the Seattle HQ asked me where I was spending 11/8 and I told him that, either way, Geoff C. and I were getting hammered on champagne and we could only go to a local party an affordable taxi drive away. We’re gonna party like its 1/20/17!

  2. I went to the County Commissioners meeting today at my little County, 3000 people, and they brought up that there might be some election fraud going on, so WATCH your ballot….

  3. Thanks Fur. Now I’ve got a mental image of Hillary dressed as a Mod sitting on the back of a mo-ped that has about twenty rear view mirrors on it. And no she can’t pull it off,being dressed as a Mod!! Not now,not when she was nineteen,not ever!

  4. Two weeks ago Irish Book Maker Paddy Power, had Clinton at 1/12 and Trump at 5/1
    Today Clinton is 1/3 and Trump 5/2.
    Blinkers on the Donald, loose rein, full speed ahead and damn the
    #nevertrumpers. MAGA.

  5. Honestly I wasn’t even gunna bother voting. I mean, Illinois is dead set on Hillary and it was looking like a waste of time. But with her new set of headwinds, my vote might just be the one to tip Illinois to the right, even if it’s (still) wishful thinking.

  6. I got so ucked fup the night romney lost that I pretty much quit drinking. This year I am soaking my liver and my brain deep in a bottle, all night:)

    Always vote! No matter what. You saw this year how the media played with the numbers to sway the vote. Don’t play their game. Always vote!

  7. Hillary is more like ‘Comfortably Numb’ —
    Just a little pinprick.
    There’ll be no more, ah!
    But you may feel a little sick.
    Can you stand up?

    I do believe it’s working, good.
    That’ll keep you going through the show
    Come on it’s time to go.

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