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Horowitz: Trauma Victim with Health Issues Arrested for Not Wearing a Mask at Doctor’s Office

Conservative Review:

Imagine a doctor refusing to treat a patient until he stops engaging in orgies that put him at risk of contracting monkeypox. Well, he would be following the science and data a lot more than those refusing service to those who don’t get the shots or wear masks, but unlike in the latter cases, that doctor would be out of a job and up to his neck in civil rights lawsuits. The time has come to even the score on discrimination and human rights.

Rayne Barton of Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, doesn’t have the luxury of avoiding the doctor. With diabetes, chronic heart problems, kidney disease, and spinal stenosis, Barton needs to constantly see doctors and get prescriptions refilled. Yet, as the Epoch Times reports, she has been banned from all Penn Medicine facilities since Feb. 17, 2022, because of mask disputes. On July 22, Hypertension and Kidney Specialists, an independent doctor’s office in Lancaster, called the police on her after she was told to leave the premises during a mask dispute. She was forced to ride in the back of a police car with her hands behind her back, despite her painful back condition.

How is this allowed to happen in America? How can a policy as inhumane, immoral, and illogical as covering one’s breathing holes be allowed to stand after being repudiated for two and a half years? How is free breathing not a basic human right, especially for those with disabilities, or at least covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act and anti-discrimination law? Companies often spend millions of dollars complying with ADA requirements for customers, yet here they can discriminate against trauma victims when it costs them nothing and when they are free to wear masks themselves if they believe they work, a proposition refuted by the very reality of the virus still spreading unrestrained in all of the most masked places in the world. more here

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  1. A lot of doctors are afraid of lawsuits from the libtard psycho patients who would sue them is a split second if they could prove they got “covid” from another patient in the office not wearing a mask.

  2. Well, I would be the new owner of that practice. Make them pay and make it HURT. The mask crap has been proven to be a joke.

  3. Monkeypox will require everyone wear a snug fitting butt plug for 2 weeks, just to flatten the curve.

  4. Wow, what a coincidence! Just today I almost got arrested for the crime of not wearing a mask at a Doctors office! My bad, but I made up for it by social distancing 10 feet instead of six!!

  5. I had a telemedicine appt w my dr a few months ago. She was alone, in her office, with the door shut and wore her mask the whole time. I mean…come on!!!

    Same type of appt in a few weeks. Place a bet if the mask is there or not this time. 🤦‍♀️

  6. When you still go into stores or any place of business with a face diaper 😷👺 you really should check yourself into a mental hospital. I just shake my head at them, this has gone way past stupid. 🙄

  7. The only way to be truly safe is wear a plastic bag over your head and make sure to use a zip tie on the neck area to be sure.

  8. Take note of the fact that Penn Med and other entities and facilities ALWAYS have some fraudulent “anti-discrimination” bs posted on their website. Fact is they are indeed discriminatory as they push the fake covid-vaxx-mask illusions. Any business which penalizes, discriminates, and segregates others should be boycotted posthaste big-time.

  9. At my doctor’s office they required you to wear a mask in the waiting room, but you could remove it when you are summoned to the examination area.

    They recently dropped that silly rule.

  10. We just got Mr. Beachmom a new doc after his told him if he didn’t get the clot shot he need to find a new provider.
    So much unethical behavior happens when money is in play.

  11. I’m looking for a new PCP.
    Eye Doc – No masks required.
    Dermatologist – No masks required.
    Dentist – No masks required.

    At the doctors office they are required so I’m done with him.

    Many, many of the physicians in the area are going concierge. Finding one the hasn’t is not easy.


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