Horse runs back into wildfire to rescue other horses

Forbes– The fire was burning in an area home to a number of ranches, leading to a scramble to save horses and other livestock from the flames. In one dramatic example, CBS News cameras caught one horse appearing to run back towards the fire in order to connect with its family and lead them to safety.

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  1. Horses instinctively seek leadership, and in all probability the horse was returning to its heard to find that leadership from the heard and whatever stallion was leading it or whatever human the heard had come to accept as its leader.

    You cannot interpret any animals actions by using human standards, thinking and nature to explain it. All animal species have their own unique nature and it isn’t the same as the nature humans have.

  2. The government is not legitimate.

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  3. @G – for years many people have made the same observations. Giving us : horse sense – ability to make good choices, common sense; straight from the horse’s mouth – reliable information. And the ever popular horse’s ass – for ah, unlikable people, to define it politely.

    {wow, strangest comment post I’ve ever done. Typed most of it at 13:15, just before a wind storm knocked out electric power for about 6 hours. Powered on the computer, and surprise, surprise – the bit I’d typed six hours earlier was still here after the power up at 19:50.}


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