Hospital staff complain ‘Maternity Center’ not gender inclusive enough for ‘birthing people”


The EvergreenHealth Medical Center in Kirkland may change the name of its Family Maternity Center. Some staff claim “maternity” is not gender-inclusive enough for “birthing people” who do not identify as women.

According to a memo obtained by the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH, some claim the Family Maternity Center “does not emanate inclusivity.” They argue that “all types of people give birth.” Consequently, the staff at the center are engaged in meetings to come up with a new, more inclusive name. But it’s not without controversy.

Employees spoke up at a recent meeting, complaining that it’s pushing unhappy staffers to reconsider working for the hospital. The meeting was recorded by a concerned staff member and provided to the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH. Those on the digital meeting were also told the meeting was being recorded.

The memo announcing the name change idea was sent by four EvergreenHealth leaders. They explained that staff members and patients reached out with concern that the Family Maternity Center was too centered on women. This needed to change.


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  1. Since the trend to name inanimate objects over victims of racism/sexism/transphobia/police brutality, I say we rename it the Lea Thomas Birthing Pool hospital. A nice bronze statue in front similar to what George Floyd got, everyone’s happy.

  2. “birthing people” who do not identify as women.”
    Doesn’t that statement violate biology and soience?

  3. I would suggest the EvergreenHealth Family Birthing, Muffler Repair, Taco Stand and Comedy Improve Center For Clueless Persons. There will be a two drink minimum regardless of the services sought.

  4. ” ‘birthing people” who do not identify as women.’
    Doesn’t that statement violate biology and soience?”

    ^^Yet ANOTHER question that Ketanji Brown Jackson won’t be able to answer.^^

  5. Evergreen had better jump on this band wagon now. Just think how much money they can make delivering fake babies for fake mothers in their fake hospital.

  6. A sure sign to keep the fuck out of that hospital!
    Medicine has nothing to do with (actual) science, anymore.
    These people are not only sick and evil, they’re spreading their sick and evilness.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  7. I think it’s the word family they’re objecting to. We all know the state is your daddy and mommy is the media.

  8. …is Evergreen Maternity somehow related to Evergreen State?

    …the lunacy seems similar…



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