House colleague slams Cheney comparison to Lincoln: ‘Liz, you didn’t free any slaves’ – IOTW Report

House colleague slams Cheney comparison to Lincoln: ‘Liz, you didn’t free any slaves’

Just The News:

Rep. Troy Nehls (R-Tx) called out Rep. Liz Cheney for comparing herself to Abe Lincoln during her concession speech Tuesday night after she lost her primary election in Wyoming. 

“Liz, you didn’t free any slaves,” Nehls said on Just the News, Not Noise. “You didn’t do that. And Abe was known as ‘Honest Abe.’ Liz, you’re a liar.” 

Rep. Cheney (R-Wy) lost her primary race against Harriet Hageman. During her concession speech she stated: 

“The great and original champion of our party, Abraham Lincoln, was defeated in elections for the Senate and the House before he won the most important election of all. Lincoln ultimately prevailed, he saved our Union and he defined our obligation as Americans for all of history.”

During Cheney’s speech, she also went on to criticize former President Donald Trump. 

“Donald Trump knows that voicing these conspiracies will provoke violence and threats of violence,” Cheney stated during her speech. “This happened on January 6, and it’s now happening again. It is entirely foreseeable that the violence will escalate further, yet he and others continue purposely to feed the danger. Today, our federal law enforcement is being threatened, a federal judge is being threatened. Fresh threats of violence arise everywhere. And despite knowing all of this, Donald Trump recently released the names of the FBI agents involved in the search.”

Nehls questioned Cheney’s hatred for Trump and her role on the “sham” January 6 committee. more

16 Comments on House colleague slams Cheney comparison to Lincoln: ‘Liz, you didn’t free any slaves’

  1. A legend in her own mind.
    Like most nihilistic totalitarians, a complete narcissist.
    A diabolical narcissist, at that.

    It’s a good thing that her delusions are finally becoming apparent to the voters.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Hopefully she was the last tool in daddy’s little tool box, and the name “Cheney” will go in the political trash can.

  3. Awwww, globalists are all stompy feet that their cash cow political career is going away.
    She’ll get a lobbyist job or be a commenter on PMSNBC or something.

  4. “Liz, you didn’t free any slaves,”

    Nuff said right there….. you did free a lot of voters who voted to get you out – and that they did. tsk tsk

  5. What is it with these nevertrump douchebags glomming onto Lincoln? No e of them are fit to be scraped off the bottom of his shoe.

    I reckon this is where Cheney is headed next:

    Got to get a new grift going somewhere soon.

  6. Actually, “Honest” Abe was anything but. He was a corporate lawyer. As a fat man has the nickname of “Tiny” so does a bent politician get called “honest.”

    Lincoln bent the hell out of the Constitution.

  7. “You didn’t free anyone claims the man in the white robe & pointy hat.”

    Preach it, brother. My buddy Joe Biden appreciates it.

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