House Democrat aide fired after reportedly working on behalf of ‘friends’ at Chinese Embassy – IOTW Report

House Democrat aide fired after reportedly working on behalf of ‘friends’ at Chinese Embassy

JTN: A Democrat staffer on Capitol Hill was fired this week after it was found that she had reportedly been working to arrange meetings with U.S. representatives on behalf of purported “friends” of hers at the Chinese Embassy. 

Barbara Hamlett, a three-decade-plus veteran of Capitol Hill, was dismissed from the office of Democratic Rep. Don Beyer after “her outreach to other congressional aides allegedly on behalf of the Chinese embassy” was discovered via internal investigations, National Review reported this week. 

Hamlett allegedly “sent emails to, placed phone calls to, and even showed up at the offices of other congressional staffers in order to invite them to meetings with Chinese embassy staff,” National Review reported. The magazine had earlier been tipped off to the allegations by “congressional sources.” more here

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  1. Demonrats are pure evil, unfortunately 2/3 of my family are Demonrats. My nieces husband was required by the Army to get the clot shot or be discharged. You know the drill. A chopper pilot, 30 years old. Fit as a fiddle.

    Woke up last night, couldn’t breathe. 20 min later he’s in ICU, they had to trach him at the house before transport.

    His chances are slim. My bro is a full throttled Demonrat, my niece is a 25 year old FBI agent, also a liberal. His side of the family all liberal. The whole family knows my opinion on the clot shot, most think I’m a MAGA idiot. A domestic terrorist, They all bought into the Branch Covidian.

    This kid was a patriot, he didn’t want the shot but the pressure from all angles was to great. How do they face me knowing I warned them about this? I can’t imagine the guilt they must be feeling for pressing him so hard. Best outcome if he survives is grim level brain damage,

    My instinct is to hang back on this, I think my presence would just be a to painful “I told you so” even though I would never say that.

    My brother and I had a good relationship despite our divergent politics till the Demonrats turned Trump into Satan incarnate from day 1 down the escalator.. We’ve hardly spoken for years other than to discuss my elderly mother.

    I know many if you have been in similar circumstances with family and friends. Any advice IOTW critters?

  2. Cisco…so sorry to hear about this kid and his tragedy, really sad situation. I’d have trouble keeping my mouth shut I guess. How service member patriots end up in liberal families, I’ll never understand

  3. @ Cisco Kid OCTOBER 30, 2022 AT 2:36 PM

    “I can’t imagine the guilt they must be feeling for pressing him so hard.”

    Well, let me school ya’. They feel absolutely no guilt, nor will they ever accept responsibility. They have absolutely no capacity for any consideration for anyone whatsoever. To accept personal responsibility is something they are incapable of.

  4. The Deep State is completely treasonous. COMPLETELY. On the ‘GOP’ side, there’s McConnell and his wife. On the other side, there the ENTIRE democrat party, Hollywood, the entirely corrupt democrat media and our entirely corrupted educational system. Lesson: our work needs to start with the McConnells – this getting stabbed in the back is old already.

    Mitch McConnell and Elaine Chao’s empire of corruption:

  5. Cisco Kid
    OCTOBER 30, 2022 AT 2:36 PM

    Dear Lord, we come before you today on behalf of a young man in urgent need of Your healing touch. We implore You to step in and take charge of that which man’s hubris has caused, show Your hand where man’s medicine has failed, guard and guide this young man, take charge of his doctors as the Ultimate Physician, guide them and with a firm hand away from that which will not help as You perform Your miracle in his body, baffle his physicians as you bring him full and complete healing and freedom from this scourge wrought by evil men, in sign of Your glory and Your mercy.

    I cannot pray his name but it is known to you, as is the true name of our friend Cisco Kid, so I do not need to. I ask further that You extend Your wisdom to Cisco in this matter of family, that it may be used to heal and draw together this family which man’s politics has torn asunder. I believe You have a purpose yet for Cisco, whom You preserved through troubles and trials I cannot even imagine, and that purpose is not fulfilled yet. Please Lord, let part of that purpose be the healing of this young man and of this breach between brothers, and let Your healing of this young man stand as a testimony to draw them together as You bring spiritual healing along with physical.

    This is much to ask but You are stronger than all. We thank You and praise You for the healing and wisdom and comfort that is already on the way, in the precious name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

    God Bless,

  6. erb

    I blame marriage mostly. My dad and mom were fierce conservatives. My dad is gone now. I have four brothers. The oldest died from alcoholism which is a common thing for us Indians, he was conservative.

    Of my three remaining brothers 1 is an unmarried conservative still but my youngest was always a liberal since high school, and married a white lib. They divorced and he married another white lib.

    My other bro was a conservative Navy vet like my dad but changed his stripes when he married a white lib witch who has always hated me with a passion. They divorced but he has taken up with another lib who’s nicer but still dislikes me on principle.

    Indian culture is a bit strange when it comes to politics. The show offs are loud libs, the quiet ones have no use for whites or gubmit. Sort of natural conservatives.

    I got along with my liberal family ok until the Demonrats started demonizing all conservatives and the hatred went white hot after PDJT defeated Hillezibub. Mostly from all the white liberal women in my family , no racism there har har.

    Now sadly they have all drank the domestic terrorist kool aid. It’s a cult and religion really since they generally don’t believe in God. They all look at me, the fervent believer as the evil enemy ironically. That’s how Satan works, like JD says Lucifer turns them into pod people full of Christian hating demons.

    They really are a hive mind like the Borg, no dissent allowed. No thinking for yourself. jDs probably right, but somehow deep inside those pods they have to be thinking it was the shots. 30 year old fit warriors just don’t die suddenly.

    We keep very close medical tabs on our pilots. He was fine until he was not. A clot got in there and stopped his patriot heart.

    Someday, somehow all this evil will be exposed.

  7. Amen SNS. She did CPR until the EMTs arrived. They did a tracheostomy and paddled him 6 times. He is in ICU of course and has responded to stimuli, brain scan pending.

    Appreciate you prayer warriors, only the Lord God Almighty can explain 34 years with minor damage and yet a 30 year old combat pilot almost dies in his sleep. Damn that shot to hell.

    Attending ER Doc says the response to stimuli is a good sign.

  8. while we are at it Fucktard here’s another CIA secret, you arm and run the Mexican drug cartels.

    Want some more of your dirty federal laundry aired, just keep it up. Next up the 16 biolabs in Ukraine.

    I have the 1983 stuff also you fuck. Want that out?

  9. Cisco Kid
    OCTOBER 30, 2022 AT 3:44 PM

    “He was fine until he was not. A clot got in there and stopped his patriot heart.”

    …same thing I saw with a 19 yo Jab victim I was unable to revive. Kid just goes in the bathroom and dies.

    Seeing lots of chest pains and stuff in young men and women too. This isn’t normal and everyone KNOWS it isn’t normal, but we will never get the truth because I know for a FACT that doctors and coroners are not even asking the right QUESTIONS.

    Apparently on purpose.

    And that is one of the things that helps folks like your kin shore up their denial. If it’s not something someone normally deals or has experience with, there’s an entire medical/government complex that stands ready to fuel their rational ignorance and turn suspicion away from themselves.

    Nothing in my experience gives me anything but thorns to comfort with. That is why I can only pray for a miracle.

  10. SNS

    Divine intervention perhaps, wife woke up as soon as he gasped I can’t breathe” and passed out. Her FBI training kicked in because she did not panic and was able to begin CPR and dial 911.

    So far alot of mini miracles are lining up. If he had been alone in the bathroom he probably would be gone.

    I can’t imagine what the parents of that kid are dealing with but rest assured there are demons like Fucktard rejoicing.

  11. Didn’t see your update while I was typing. Rapid CPR gives him a better chance but my heart goes out to her for having to do that. Treating family is HARD.

    Where there’s life, there’s hope. The Lord will see him through.

  12. Fucktard,

    Didn’t think so, now STFU and crawl back into your pit you satanic viper before I spill all the beans.

    I really don’t give a single shit, I’m ready to lay down with my brothers and sisters. Are you?

  13. Demons always rejoice when they think they can use tragedy to shake your faith in the Lord. Give them nothing, feed no demon or troll, they just thrive on it.

    Stand fast and let the Lord fight this battle. God will put them in their place.

    “38 For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come,
    39 Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”
    Romans 8:38-39

    Stay strong in the Lord, my brother in Christ.

    He will win this for you.

    God Bless,


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