House Dems Accuse President of “Sabotage” of Obamacare – IOTW Report

House Dems Accuse President of “Sabotage” of Obamacare


First, they accused the President of trying to do away with their beloved Obamacare by not paying out subsidies to insurers that Obama had been doling out regularly to keep them in the game. Now, House Dems are saying the administration is purposefully “sabotaging” enrollments by failing to fund promotional efforts and the famed Obamacare navigators.

The point isn’t that the program is dying, it’s to blame its death on someone other than those who gave us this awful program it begin with.


9 Comments on House Dems Accuse President of “Sabotage” of Obamacare

  1. It’s a damn good thing for these politicians that I don’t get to be dictator for a day, there would be a bunch libs and rinos facing a firing squad.

  2. The only way to sabotage something which was designed to fail is to make it work.

    So fuck off, derptards. We ain’t buying this nonsense.

  3. Dems know they’ll get away with making false statements like this because most dems are too lazy or can’t read. They get all their information from teacher’s lounges, the MSM, and whatever they hear on the street. Tell them Jimmuh Carter was a highly decorated UFO pilot and they’ll believe it.

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