House of Cards: Paul Ryan’s Campaign to Mislead Voters on His Immigration Stance

paul ryan and obama

BigGovernment: Although New Year’s confetti is still being cleaned off the floors, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) already issued a statement that could easily be a contender for the most remarkable statement of 2016. In a Monday interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Paul Ryan declared without a trace of humor that “People who know my record know that I’m for border enforcement, border control, not for amnesty.”

But a review of Paul Ryan’s record demonstrates a two-decade history of pushing amnesty and mass immigration. In fact, Ryan has developed perhaps the most open borders record in Congress– for members of either party. And Ryan was instrumental in blocking an effort to reduce immigration in the 1990’s, changing forever the course of American history.  more here

9 Comments on House of Cards: Paul Ryan’s Campaign to Mislead Voters on His Immigration Stance

  1. People who know paul ryan’s voting record know he’s lying. ryan is following in boehner’s footsteps, tell a lie long enough people may believe it. Don’t let honesty and integrity get in your way.
    Your typical establishment Rino.

  2. I read Ryan’s book and indeed he started as a conservative politician, obviously that got him nowhere. As he changed his stance behind the scenes, (certainly not to the media) he started to get noticed by the political establishment. Now he is in place, he will do as he is told by those same politicians, although in front of camera’s he’ll hide his true hand.

  3. As the old joke goes,
    “He was intending to go to Cox to buy a searsucker suit. But he went to sears instead and bought a ———- suit.
    Or something like that.

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