Super old guy on Iran: Obama Avoided It Because Income Inequality Will Be An Issue for Decades

bernie sanders yelling

Breitbart: Democratic presidential candidate Senator Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) argued President Obama didn’t address the US sailors being held by Iran because he chose to talk about “issues that will impact this country for decades to come” like income inequality in an interview on NBC after Tuesday’s State of the Union.  more

SNIP:  Anyone serving in the military should be seriously pissed off at this old bastard. He thinks you aren’t even worth a mention.
But the cry-bullying SJWs and the parishioners of climate change are his and Obama’s base, so they get top honors.

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  1. If good ‘ol “Bern” wants to see income equality before he croaks, he should just move to North Korea and get it over with.
    I’d like to see him try to do the goose step in their army.

  2. Memo to Bernie, 0bama and Socialists Everywhere:

    If you don’t get an education, if you have no work ethic, if you wear stupid-looking hair styles and have neck/face tattoos, if you can’t speak English, if you can’t pass a drug screen, if you have no ability to reason, if you can’t control your emotions, if you can’t wear your pants above your ass, if you have eight kids by your 25th birthday,… you will probably never make anything above minimum wage. In fact, you won’t even make that, if the Socialist Party of America raises it to an “affordable” level.

    “Income inequality” is an enabling device to help losers in society feel that they have “been cheated” and deserve “fairrrrrrness”. It’s the linchpin in a huge vote-buying scheme.

  3. For the Commander in Chief not to mention that ten of his sailors and two of his boats were in the hands of an enemy, during his 60 minute shittalk, boggles my mind. Who are we anymore?

  4. Trump would have started his speech with comments about those sailors.

    Obama is so openly disdainful of our military, it seems as if he’s taunting Americans.

    How is it that a military boat/ship “breaks down” this way? It’s the second time this has happened recently. Who’s doing military maintenance?

    I also wondered if it was a poorly trained sailor who accidentally drifted into Iranian space, causing this problem.

  5. If the US Navy allowed this capture and killing on orders from the CinC, then it needs to be screamed to the nation….If they just messed up and screwed da pooch, the SECTNAV should be courtmartialed and sentenced accordingly.

  6. That might be the “goose squirts”, considering what the NORKs eat. . .. BTW, what DO NORKs eat on a daily basis, besides air?

  7. Matthew 26:10: “For Jesus……said to them……for years have the poor always with you……”

    Ladies and gentlemen, the ultimate authority has spoken. Everyone else needs to STFU.

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